Total Guide To Wedding Signs And Decor

Best Wedding Signs Ideas In 2021 You’ll Love


Wedding Welcome Signs

If you want to have a wedding that’s organized, begin with your wedding welcome sign. This is the first thing your guests will happen on as they arrive at your wedding. It should channel the wedding theme.

You will find many beautiful and popular wedding signs if you take a look online. From basic wood to driftwood, acrylic and floral welcome signs. Use monogrammed chalkboard easel wedding signage when on a budget. Then you can use wooden floral adornment for summer weddings.

The couple who wants a boho wedding can run eucalyptus garlands over the wedding wooden sign, etc.


Acrylic wedding welcome sign

For the garden, seaside, boutique hotel. Etc. This is a Plexiglas welcome signs made out of birch ply, ink, stain, calligraphy, and hand letters. Gives a stunning background to the wedding because of the floral adornment. Buy now


    Script elegance wedding welcome sign

    Posh hotels, gardens, backyard weddings, and seaside. This is a welcome sign decorated with beautiful dainty scripts fonts. This gives the welcome sign a classic and timeless look. It is editable and printable on digital. Very decorative and serves as the perfect picturesque backdrops. Buy now


    Wedding wooden sign

    Rustic wedding welcome sign for the vintage inspired wedding. Best for a country, barn, and laid back weddings. The background of the wood stains on all sides, made from Baltic birch plywood. The letters create a beautiful three-toned look. Buy now

    Signs For A Wedding Ceremony

    Signs for a wedding ceremony is one of the hottest wedding trends that’s never going away. These wedding ceremony signs tell guests what to do, where to go and how to get there during the ceremony. Whether you’re having your wedding on a farm, vineyard, beach or expensive hotel. This is important.

    They are also wedding specific highlights because they add lots of fervor to your wedding decor. What you can go for is a dime a dozen, with rustic signs in reclaimed wood frames. Others include rough cut wood, acrylic, simple calligraphy, or florals for whimsical decor.


    Printable wedding sign

    Perfect for an elegant wedding ceremony in the garden, backyard or church. It is digital and you can print it out to edit. It is very beautiful and can serve as keepsakes. But protect it during bad weather. Buy now

  • Chalkboard easel navy unplugged sign

    This is for the wedding ceremony. A timeless welcome and notice all in one. Great for beach, nautical and indoor weddings. It’s made out of plywood board, smooth calligraphy, and an easel. Chalkboard easel wedding ceremony sign is a tool for orderliness. Buy now


    Couple fact editable wedding signage

    It is ideal for civil and informal weddings. Editable wedding signage is digital. You’d need to print and edit. This welcomes the guests and talks about the couple. The proposal, their love and forever. It is very decorative and agrees with every couple’s budget. Buy now

    Wedding Seating Signage

    A wedding seating signage or chart is your best for seating guests. Creating seating signage for a wedding help keep the order. Use chalkboards, wood, acrylic, or printable cards to create seating signage. It will add some flair to your ambiance. And even though you have ushers around, this makes the job easier.


    Reserved row for family seating signage

    This cute printable seating signage looks stylish for the beach, tropical weddings or the general outdoors. It is romantic, bright and inspiring. It’s made out from cards cut into cute shapes with shimmers around the edges. Ribbons fixed in punched holes with which you can hang them on reserved chairs. They can double as souvenirs and hand fans for the heat.

  • Reserved for mom Seating signage

    Perfect for an outdoor sophisticated wedding ceremony and reception. From the reserved seats to the family row and that of the bridal party. Seating signage’s are important. Make use clever and funny wedding signs by using witty and laugh-inducing remarks. Made out of printable brown cards, embossed with ribbons, they are ornamental.


    Acrylic seating chart

    It is one of the modern and elegant wedding signs. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. This chart creates a stunning wedding backdrop for the reception. This seating chart is a combination of acrylic, vinyl, and wood. It is a customized chart that has all the guests’ names in alphabetical order and table numbers. Buy now

    Outdoor Wedding Signs

    If there is a type of wedding that needs signage, it’s an outdoor wedding. You have the duty of transforming it into an ideal wedding venue. This is most common if you plan to have a rustic, beach or garden inspired wedding.

    The best bet is to go with outdoor wedding signs that blend with your wedding themes. The outdoors is natural, so your wedding theme must be one that compliments it. From Boho to whimsical, beach, rustic to a vineyard, they make beautiful outdoor weddings.

    You can make use of anything from wood to glass, banners to the printed board.


    The promise outdoor sign

    This is one of the best outdoor wedding signs for a church wedding. It reads a bible verse “where you go, I’ll go. Where you stay, I’ll stay”. It’s simple, made out of wood and chalk. It is very cheap, as you can patch up wood from your backyard.

  • The wooden arrow signs

    They are ideal for beach and other outdoor rustic weddings. It helps in moving guests from one point to another. Buy now


    Old glass window pane outdoor sign

    Perfect for the yard or farm. Old plus new in a refreshing vibe. Something old and vintage with a modern twist. This outdoor sign comes from an old Windsor pane and ink used to write some sweet calligraphic sayings on it. This is a timeless outdoor sign. Buy now

    Wedding Entrance Signs

    Wedding entrance signs are becoming more popular by the day. Entrance signs may come in printable cards, wood, satin flags, banners. Etc. The inscriptions on them can range from romantic to witty and funny.

    So, are you confused about what wedding signs to use? It is nothing you have to worry about. We got you covered.


    Hand-painted entrance flag

    Favor a (here comes the bride’s hand painted entrance flag). Perfect for the outdoors, Chic and modern wedding. Made from double-faced satin ribbon, heavy texturized cardstock paper, ink, and popular wooden dowel. It is fanciful and decorative for tables. Buy now

  • Boho entrance sign

    Boho entrance sign for gardens, backyards, park weddings. Etc. It is downloadable and editable print. You can download the template and print at home. It gives a sophisticated bohemian touch to your wedding. Buy now


    Engraved wood entrance sign

    A “here comes the bride” engraved wood wedding sign. Gives off the rustic wedding vibe and makes a seamless blend into nature. This is an entrance sign made from weather-beaten wood, with ” here comes the bride” engraved into it. Buy now


    Wedding Table Signs

    Talking about maintaining the order while keeping affairs seamless on your special day. We vote that you have wedding table signs present. They are also stunning accents which spark up your decor for the day.

    It will serve as signals for where they can drop gifts, sign the guest book and all. A beautiful fact is that these signs are cheap or easy to do yourself.

    From pine to Birchwood, driftwood, and printable templates. Let’s check out cute popular signs below.


    Art deco head table design

    Perfect for the romance-themed wedding. It also doubles as an unusual centerpiece which signals where the head table is. It originates from Baltic birch plywood and is one of the most popular trends. Buy now

  • The printable table number sign

    Made from 110-pound cardstock paper, printing ink, scripts, calligraphy and sealed with a matte finish. Brings on the rustic elegance to a barn or farm wedding. It’s also chic and romantic for a modern wedding. It’s very cheap and helps guests know what seat numbers they’re assigned. Buy now


    3D wedding printable gifts sign

    Use a 3D wedding printable gifts table sign for sophisticated and modern weddings. Made out of top choice pine, and PLA materials. Its computer and graphics designed. Cleaned and sanded for a smooth finish, it’s mounted on a stained wooden base. These signs tell guests where to drop their beautiful gifts. Buy now

    Wedding Sign Boards

    From the ceremony to reception, and even after, wedding sign boards will keep everyone guided. Having a number of wedding venue signs around your wedding is quite helpful.

    In simple terms, you can spell out everything and other vital information on the signs. They do a great job of directing guests. Begin from the parking lot, with arrows to the wedding point.


    Rustic wooden signboard

    If you’re going with a rustic theme, make a signboard out of weather-beaten wood. Perfect for the outdoors. On it, you can fix arrow woods directing guests to where everything is. Don’t forget to include your initials. Keep guests remembering who’s tying the knot. Buy now

  • Alternative weddings Signboard

    Get a lone sign that tells the guest where you are. Use witty inscriptions like “vows on the hill”, etc. Refreshing and very whimsical. Buy now


    Old painted door or frame chalkboards

    Do you want to go DIY for a simple vintage wedding? Created a chalkboard out of an old painted door or use a vintage frame. Brings more flair to the vintage setting. See more

    Love Signs For Weddings

    Wedding love signs bring a romantic vibe to the wedding. Love signs for weddings do not have to be quite complicated. You can either tell your love story or display the love signs in diverse ways. Whether as vintage marquee lights, scrawled wood, or inscribed burlap. Your wedding gets a facelift.

    So, what’s your wedding style?


    Marquee love lights

    The vintage marquee lights love signs are legendary. Perfect for outdoor, halls and night weddings. This love sign is a combination of woods and electric connections. It gives your venue a perfectly romantic ambiance. Buy now

  • Wooden cut out love signs

    Cut out painted wooden love sign letters is one which you can DIY. Perfect for farm, other outdoor and minimalist wedding. It’s made out of paint and recycled fiberboard. A very simple way to say I love you. It’s ornamental and can pass for home decor after the wedding. Buy now


    Burlap wedding sign

    Inscribed burlap love sign. Perfect for barn weddings. Scrawl expert calligraphy on it in love letters and you’ve got it covered. Buy now

    Personalized And Unique Signs For A Wedding

    Create personalized signs for a wedding that will charm your guests. Not only would you charm guests, but you get to leave your personal touch.

    This ranges from signboards to wedding entrance, table signs, and the whole lot. Make your signs in lace, florals, banners, wood, printable cards, acrylic. Etc. And lest we forget, you can place your personalized sign right in your home after the wedding. They’re decorative art that helps you preserve memories from your wedding.


    3D wooden custom wedding signs

    It comes with the initials of the couple, date of the wedding, and other vital information about the wedding. It’s made out of smoothened birch plywood, paint, and shimmers. Ideal for the modern and sophisticated wedding. Can pass for wall arts. Buy now

  • Vintage quote sign

    It’s ideal for vintage themed outdoor made out of vinyl, sealant, wood, and stain. Put your best love quotes on it and sign off with your name. Guests will go home with you on their minds. Buy now


    Acrylic personalized sign

    Acrylic laser cut personalized wedding sign. Modern and chic, great for every wedding. It is acrylic and laser cut into shape. Ideal for gifts table, entrance sign, and outdoors sign. Buy now

    DIY Wedding Signs

    There are many wedding signs and DIY wedding decorations you can have for a wedding. Do you have some spare time, or are you on a budget? Then you can make as many as the direction, love story, guest book, bar, seating sign. Etc. It is very cost effective and will save you a bulk of cash on your wedding.


    Literature Love Sayings

    Let your DIY wedding signs reflect your personality through love sayings. Ideal for vintage-inspired weddings. It’s made out of sanded chalkboard with a silver matte finish at the edges. It reads a Shakespeare quote which you can put in your home after the wedding.

  • Photo booth wedding sign

    This is for a formal and very sophisticated affair. It’s even more beautiful at vintage themed weddings. Made out of heavy texturized cardstock printable, paint and calligraphy. Buy now


    Personalized Bar signs

    This gets everyone ready for a good time at an outdoor wedding. Let the guests know that the booze is right by the corner. See more

    Now, let me show you how to make wedding signs.

    How To Make Wedding Signs


    • Sanded and smooth stained or painted wood
    • Sponge or paint brush
    • Any color of paint you want
    • Some vinyl stencils
    • A bulk of transfer tapes

    Steps to make DIY wedding signs:

    1. Clear out the letters from your stencils, but leave some bits between the letters.
    2. Align the vinyl where you want it to be on the wood. Use masking tape to measure it and act as a guide to ensure precision.
    3. Make a cut on your transfer paper to reflect the same size as your design. Paste it on the vinyl and smooth it down to eliminate bubbles.
    4. As soon as the transfer paper sticks to the vinyl, peel the back off the stencil.
    5. Move the vinyl stencil plus transfer paper on top of the wood sign facing upwards. Smoothen once again to get rid of bubbles.
    6. Start with a light coat of paint using a sponge or paintbrush. Allow it to dry for about two hours.
    7. Smudge on the next coats while still sticky. Leave it for an hour, but don’t let it dry, and you can start peeling off the stencil.
    8. And it’s over. You have your wedding signs all done, expert style!

    DIY Tutorial Credits:

    Photography + DIY Tutorial: Jen Carreiro of Something Turquoise
    Truth is that we often ignore the beauty that wedding signs are. From entrance signs, down to after party signs, lots of beauty and creativity we see. You can also DIY and leave your personal touch on your best day!