The 10 Types Of Brides


There are many types of brides in the world of weddings but what kind best describes you? This is a question that many brides joke about before they actually become engaged. The television shows make it easy to view others as a horrible, corny, obsessive or outright mean bride but are it possible that you’ve turned into a bridezilla.

We’ve gathered a few descriptions of the most common bride types for you to see which best fits your personality. Don’t worry, you’re entitled to be a little cranky, cra-cra, overbearing and downright rude in some instances but is it true? Are you the bridezilla that you vowed not to become? Which of the bride types are you?

1. Bride With A Budget

This is the bride that designs her wedding based on cost alone. In most cases, if the cost is good, it looks good to this bride. The internet is her wedding planner and every inspiration comes from Pinterest’s DIY boards. Invitations are done at home or by a friend, decorations are put together from either the clearance aisle or a discount online store. Surprisingly enough, the dress is probably from a consignment shop or bought online. She cuts every corner in order to save but wants a wedding fit for a queen.

Most likely to: Serve a pull-apart wedding cake.



This is a very common type of bride that everyone is familiar with and many fear. There is no inside voice with this bride and almost nothing is done correctly the first time around according to her. The flowers aren’t fresh enough, the music isn’t right, the colors are off and of course, the maid or matron of honor can get nothing right. She yells in an attempt to scare everyone into seeing things her way and even her husband to be is a little frightened by her tone.

Most likely to: Scold her wedding party.


3. The Anti-Wedding Bride

It is still not clear why this bride is even choosing to get married or have a wedding. She refuses to wear traditional wedding colors or attire and is against almost anything remotely associated with traditional weddings. She’ll likely say no to flowers and will be a little hard to convince that flower girl are actually nice to have at a wedding.

Most likely to: Elope to avoid the traditional wedding scene.


4. Princess Bride

This is an excited bride that has had her wedding planned since she was five years old. She’s eager to wed her Prince and will spend a great deal of time and money planning the perfect ceremony. Castles, colors and creative imagery is in this bride’s future.

Most likely to: Create a wedding board.


5. The Antsy Bride

She’s expecting almost everything to go wrong, regardless of the intense planning she’s put into the wedding. Every deadline has been met but there is always something to worry about with her.

Most likely to: Spend the entire ceremony worrying about things going wrong

6. Last-Minute Bride

This bride type isn’t as easily excited as most brides. In fact, she usually leaves every detail the very last-minute. She spends a great deal of time making plans to do things later, instead of taking care of them at the moment.

Most likely to: Send out invites at the last minute.


7. The Loveable Bride

This bride will deliver a fun-filled affair that she is sure to enjoy herself. Vegas, beach-themed or other fun associations will make this the wedding to remember. She’s not overly serious and enjoys every moment.

Most likely to: Have a non-traditional wedding celebration.

8. The Planning Fanatic

She actually chose her wedding colors years before he popped the question and knows what she wants right down to the final detail. Her wedding will probably be the replica of a famous Disney wedding.

Most likely to: Plan the entire wedding herself.


9. Nothing Less Than Perfect

This bride has a clear image of how her wedding will turn out and will not let any detail go unaccomplished. She’s conducted in-depth research and can sometimes resemble bridezilla.

Most likely to: Over accommodate the wedding timeline.

10. The Sentimentalist

This bride believes in sentimental value, especially at her wedding. Heirlooms are likely to be a large part of this wedding.

Most likely to: Wear her mother’s wedding dress.