10 Wedding Flowers Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost


When it comes to planning a wedding, the flowers are an important part. Brides will often include this early in the budget or consider the floral arrangements often through the planning process. If you are a bride that is planning her big day, consider the following as ten wedding flower mistakes to avoid and save yourself time and heartache.

Mistake 1: Avoid Tunnel Vision

A wedding is filled with flowers and numerous opportunities to bring in floral beauty. When it comes to decorating, though, many brides make the mistake of only looking at one aspect of the event. Rather than looking at how the flowers will look on display on the big day, they look at each piece individually. This can create disconnection in the continuity of the décor as well as create barriers to traffic flow and conversation.

Mistake 2: Second Guessing

Another of the wedding flowers mistakes to avoid is second-guessing the professionals that are there to help you. For instance, if you hire a florist there is a reason you selected them to be a part of your big day. Of course, no bride should ignore their own desires and their floral goals for their perfect event. With that said, though, constantly second-guessing those that are working on the flowers—especially without reason—can lead to tension and unpleasant experience for all involved.

Mistake 3: Lack Of Preparation

As aforementioned, many brides will rely on professionals to help them with their floral arrangements. But, this piece of the puzzle should not be done in the waning moments of preparation. On the contrary, those that want to avoid wedding flowers mistakes and problems should book their floral vendors early. This will allow for budgets to be made, finances to be discussed, and help to ensure that your floral vision will be carried out in the most beautiful way.

Mistake 4: Rigidity In Selection

Unfortunately, when it comes to flowers, there are reasons to consider. Freshness is essential in finding the most beautiful of flowers for your special day. Therefore, if you have your sights and heart set on a particular flower that only blooms in the spring but you are having a fall wedding, be flexible. Your florist will be able to guide you to the most perfect bouquet and arrangements for you. Not being flexible in this area can lead to less than beautiful flowers and an overall dull look to your arrangements.

Mistake 5: Avoiding The Expensive

It may seem like wedding flower mistakes are unavoidable if your budget is too small to buy the more expensive flowers. But, the truth is that there are ways to compromise. If you negate or avoid looking at anything that is a bit pricier, you may actually spend more in the end. The reason? Sometimes the pricier flowers actually take up more space, giving much more bang for the buck!

Mistake 6: Monochromatic Avoidance

Utilizing carried flowers as a bride or bridesmaids walk down the aisle is a pretty standard part of the wedding ceremony. Take into consideration the color of the dresses. If, for example, you chose a bright blue flower in front of a matching dress, the dynamic nature and beauty of the blooms can get lost. Therefore, one of the biggest wedding flower mistakes is to make everything monochromatic. Instead, go for different variations of the same shades. This will help to give you the one-tone look you crave without having the details be lost.

Mistake 7: Ignoring The Scent

Flowers provide a natural aroma, some that are stronger than others. In small or tight areas, highly odorous floral arrangements can be very overwhelming and powerful. Consider the scent of the flowers you have chosen and the venue in which you are going to be displaying them. Not doing so could result in overwhelming and near-offensive smells. A well-informed florist can help you to make this decision.

Mistake 8: Doing It Alone

Making your own flower arrangements can seem like a great way to save money in your wedding budget. But, it can create more problems than benefit your bottom line. One of the biggest wedding flower mistakes occurs when brides take on more than they can chew, which results in last minute stress. For those without the true and developed talent of DIY projects and flower arranging, seriously consider hiring a florist.

Mistake 9: Going TOO Big

Brides want to make a statement on their big day. They want to get noticed and recognized for the effort that they have put into their wedding event. Sometimes, though, brides think that the bigger the bouquet the better it looks. In truth, though, one of the wedding flower mistakes that happens the most is having too big of a held arrangement. A big bouquet can detract from the dress and can go counter to the theme.

Mistake 10: Ignoring The Linens

The linens at receptions are an important part of the overall look and décor. They can also greatly change the way that the flower arrangements look. A great linen or table runner can make the flowers pop. One of the biggest wedding flower mistakes that brides make is to ignore the linens and overall table decoration and arrangement.


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