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30 Best Ideas For Wedding Loft Décor


Do you want to have a unique and the best day in your life? Try a loft wedding!

Here we have some ideas for wedding loft décor. You can decorate your ceremony space with glam chandeliers, lights, and lush florals. Also you can hang on the brick walls calligraphy letters and candles. Using airy white fabric, ribbons and some greenery helps you to create magic atmosphere.  Use a gold metal circles with lush florals or add color balloons to make your guest happy.


The loft can be a great place for a wedding ceremony. Especially some lofts have beautiful architectural details and need just a minimal decoration. So, if you want to create really unique and charming wedding that’s a great idea for you.

Photo 1-3: The Beauty Of Brick Walls In The Wedding Loft Decor

Source: Amanda Marie Studio, shuvaevmedia via Instagram, Izo Photography


Photo 4-6: Tulle Draping On The Wedding Walls

Source: Kate Ignatowski, victoriabonvicini via Instagram, Chaz Cruz


Photo 7-9: Hanging Fun And Unexpected Items On The Brick Walls

Source: Steve Cowell, Megan Robinson, Jasmine Star


Photo 10-12: Intimate Wedding Reception Decor

Source: JBM Photo, Happily Ever After, With Love & Embers


Photo 13-15: Lights In The Wedding Loft

Source: GK Photo, Abby Ross Photography, Ricardo Vieira

Photo 16-18: Simple Flowers Wedding Ideas

Source: Love & You Studios, E + E Wedding Photography,  J. Messer Photography


Photo 19-21: White Wedding Examples Of Decor

Source: MGB Photography, Paper Antler, bai & elle

Photo 22-24: Best Indoor Loft Décor Ideas

Source: Lisa Czech PhotographyAmy Nicole Photo, Mademoiselle Fiona


Photo 25-27: Loft Wedding On The Top Of The Roof

Source: Love, Sylvia Photography, Dan O’Day Photography, Danielle DeFiore

Photo 28-30: Wedding Table Décor For Loft Wedding

Source: Jackie Wonders, Mr and Mrs Wedding Duo, Love, Sylvia Photography