Wedding Pantsuit Ideas 2023 Guide + Expert Tips

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Pantsuits aren’t exactly what comes to mind when you picture a bride walking down the aisle. Traditionalists will tell you that a white gown is a requirement for a real wedding. However, famously talented fashion designers and a huge swath of our society disagree.

If you are on the side of the millions of trendsetters and want to stand out in a big way, these wedding pantsuit ideas are for you. Overall, the wedding industry is veering away from the tight box of rules that religious-based traditions dictate and more towards personal choice and style. You’ll have to agree that these menswear-inspired wedding pantsuits are a huge step in that direction.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the classic A-frame wedding gown. In fact, we love them and hope they stick around for a long time. However, we’re also extremely excited about this emerging trend and hope that you choose one of these examples for your wedding and become a trailblazer.

Brides Often Ask

Is it OK to wear a pantsuit to a wedding?

Can a bride wear a jumpsuit?


The Most Popular Wedding Pantsuit Ideas


The most popular bridal pantsuits combine simple, clean lines and a high degree of embellishment. These particular pantsuit examples feature detailed lace, sheer fabric that plays with the wind, and delicate beadwork that simply can’t be ignored. This style is ideal during warmer months in an outdoor setting.

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Sweetheart Jumpsuits For The Big Day


These wedding pantsuit ideas feature sweetheart necklines, injecting a healthy dose of romance and sexiness into the big event. We adore the contrast of strength and resilience that comes with the pants and the delicate femininity that comes with the strapless exposed shoulders. Flats are ok, but heels really tie the entire look together.



Just because you are opting for a pantsuit as opposed to a formal gown doesn’t mean you have to break from tradition entirely. You can easily retain the look of a ‘bride’ by sticking with a white pallet. There is something about a clean, stark white fabric that screams ‘wedding’ and portrays the innocence and purity associated with brides.

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Bridal Jumpsuits With Overskirt


The pantsuit with an overskirt look is the ideal option for brides who are on the fence about which style to choose. You get the best of both worlds with trendsetting pantsuits and the flowing fabric and luxurious bridal train inherently found in wedding gowns.

What to wear when you don't like dresses?
Jumpsuits! mini dresses! pants, 2 pieces of mini skirt and a small corset! All of these options are suitable for a wedding. Everything is appropriate for you to feel amazing!
Expert Tip

Wedding Jumpsuits With Sleeves


Brave brides will appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of the trending tattoo effect and wearing full or partial sleeves. Usually, sleeves are reserved for cooler months, but this look is more than enough reason to opt for sleeves even in the middle of a sweltering summer.


Two Pieces Wedding Jumpsuits


The two piece wedding jumpsuit is a great chance to blend styles. This works by wearing a heavily embellished bodice on top balanced with simple minimalist pants on the bottom. Or vice versa. You can compliment this look with an open back or a smart blazer to dress your look up or down depending on how formal your style is.

Simple Jumpsuit Wedding Dresses


The simple approach is preferred by many brides. Rather than an elaborate wedding gown that steals the show, they allow their own natural beauty to shine. Sometimes, there’s a rejection of materialism altogether in favor of the spirituality of the event. These simple wedding pantsuits do just that, producing a heightened elegance and grace.


Lace Wedding Jumpsuits Ideas


Lace and weddings go hand in hand. These lace wedding jumpsuits capture every element of a traditional wedding gown and add to it with elevated levels of comfort and fashion. Lace details can be modestly used in strategic locations to generate a little interest, or used throughout the entire design for a wholesome yet sexy look.