10 Things Noone Tells You About Wedding Planning


In all the joys of planning your wedding, where would the excitement be without a few unexpected surprises? Preparation is essential but even the most well prepared brides are often caught off guard and thrown a curve ball. Below you’ll find 10 wedding planning tips or advice to keep you from getting the surprise of your life.

1. Just As Much Wedding Planning

Casual weddings require just as much wedding planning & attention to detail as an elegantly planned affair. It makes no difference if your table dressings are commercial vinyl or royal silk with handcrafted emeralds, you still have the task of choosing the right ones. Potatoes and gravy or cheese stuffed Italian pasta will also require the same attention.

Solution: Although the realization of the similarities in requirement to attention to detail seems to ambush the bride after planning has begun, it is only a peek into the surprise of it all. What else could there be? Many brides mistake a casual wedding as one that doesn’t require much time in planning but the year is standard regardless of the style of the affair.


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