10 Things Noone Tells You About Wedding Planning


In all the joys of planning your wedding, where would the excitement be without a few unexpected surprises? Preparation is essential but even the most well prepared brides are often caught off guard and thrown a curve ball. Below you’ll find 10 wedding planning tips or advice to keep you from getting the surprise of your life.

1. Just As Much Wedding Planning

Casual weddings require just as much wedding planning & attention to detail as an elegantly planned affair. It makes no difference if your table dressings are commercial vinyl or royal silk with handcrafted emeralds, you still have the task of choosing the right ones. Potatoes and gravy or cheese stuffed Italian pasta will also require the same attention.

Solution: Although the realization of the similarities in requirement to attention to detail seems to ambush the bride after planning has begun, it is only a peek into the surprise of it all. What else could there be? Many brides mistake a casual wedding as one that doesn’t require much time in planning but the year is standard regardless of the style of the affair.


2. Wedding Talk Has Taken Over

Wedding talk has taken over the dialogue of every conversation you have. Unknown to you, you have wedding on the brain and it’s flowing ever so often from your lips. You may begin to get the fatigued looks of family and friends who have grown tired of hearing about every detail or dilemma of your upcoming nuptials.

Solution: Initially, realize that wedding chatter may simply be a part of who you are until the event is over. It’s okay that you’re excited but never expect everyone to want to be consumed by constant debates over buttercream frosting or fondue. Keep the wedding talk to a minimum when with family or friends and consider widening your circle of friends in order to spread the talk equally.


3. Explain With Pictures

It is quite easy to categorize the type of wedding you wish to have with words such as classic, chic, trendy or Victorian. Though you have a distinct idea of what you want, it should be clearly relayed to the wedding planner with pictures. This prevents the clashing of details and any confusion over what is acceptable.

Solution: No matter how small or large the detail of the wedding may be, present it in pictures. Create a vision board that clearly defines everything you imagine and everyone will be on the same page.


4. Tears & Stress

Tears & stress may not be invited, but are likely to arrive long before the day of the wedding. The moment your planner tells you that your preferred venue isn’t available on the date that took you and your fiancee months to determine, the tears will begin to flow. Debate over whether bridesmaid’s gowns should be short, long or both will likely stress you out while shopping and you’ll begin to stress that your bridesmaids will hate you.

Solution: Shed the tears, refresh your makeup and take a break from the planning for a day or two. (Why you should Make Time For Wedding Planning Timeouts)


5. Happy Tears Show Up At The Simplest Moments

Seeing your flower girl baskets for the first time, the wedding programs once completed or your mom once you’ve put on your gown, the tears are sure to flow. These are memory tears that last forever.

Solution: Embrace the moment and treasure it forever.

6. Expenses Appear Out Of Nowhere

Expect at least one extremely important expense to appear out of nowhere. Regardless to how well you plan or how organized you may be, there will be unexpected cost. Extra tents for predicted rain, extra jewelry because you can’t decide on just one piece and other little unexpected things will intrude on the budget.

Solution: Every budget needs an expansion bar for unexpected circumstances. Adjust the budget to include about 5% more than the projected cost.


7. Butting Heads With The Groom Will Happen

You’ve become extremely discouraged because he hates the colors you’ve chosen. He feels that you simply don’t understand his style, especially after choosing music that none of his friends like.

Solution: Nerves are on edge and both of you could use some alone time. Remember that you’re not just planning for one day but the rest of your lives together. Take a moment and add a little romance to bring you both back to the moment you first fell in love.

8. Groom’s Involvement In Question

Selecting menu, tasting the cake, choosing the colors and even choosing the first song seem to be of no interest to the groom. This could easily put a damper on your spirits and cause a fear of disconnect during planning.

Solution: Take a moment to engage with him about his wants and desires for the ceremony. It’s quite possible you’ve shot down too many of his previous attempts to tell you and caused him to simply give up on trying. In case he really has very little interest, mellow out with your insistence on him being hands on and give him a few minor tasks. His promise was to be a great husband not the plan the wedding.


9. But The Groom Really Does Care

There is likely to be at least one area of the wedding planning that the groom is sincerely interested in and it will catch you by complete surprise. It may be something simple but make it special by acknowledging his wants.

Solution: In the case that he wants to be hands on, divide the tasks by allowing him to be in charge or work with you on the one he’s most interested in.

10. Opinions Will Fly

Your best friend warns you not to hire a DJ but oh well, it’s your choice. Your sister will say that the colors you’ve chosen don’t blend well with your skin tone but so what, it’s your favorite color.

Solution: Kindly suggest that they use their opinions when planning their wedding or next affair. Stand your ground and do what makes you happy.


Wedding Guidelines Covid

In working together globally to maintain a healthy environment and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a lot of rules have been put in place for celebrations and events. While the rules for each jurisdiction might slightly differ. There are a number of recurring rules that apply in general in times such as these. So, if you are wondering what the wedding guidelines covid might be, this list below would be a good place to start.

1. Do I Wear my Wedding Dress/Suit to Both, Can I Wear it Twice?

Your wedding attire is ultimately up to you. However, during a pandemic, it is best to limit change, as this will reduce your close contact with anyone who would have to help you, or the changing area.

2. Do We Need to Include our Bridesmaids or Groomsmen?

Considering the limit on gatherings during this period, bridesmaids and groomsmen might not be necessary. However, if this is important to you, you could limit the number to just one or two.

3. Hand Sanitizers

In wedding guidelines Covid, it is important for hand sanitizers to be provided for every table, as well as entrances and exits. Guests should be encouraged to use them often.

4. Masks

Face coverings should be worn by guests and vendors at the wedding. This should go without question, as it will help limit chances for the spread of the virus.

5. Physical Distancing

The requirement for social distancing is six feet. This should be planned into the seating of the wedding venue. This will ensure that guests and vendors maintain the required distance for their health and the health of others. This space will also be helpful when things need to be moved, or if there is any occurrence that requires an emergency evacuation.


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