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18 Wedding Portraits To Make On A Wedding Day


For a wedding album, wedding portraits are most convenient. Bride, groom or couple together. Only the face or in full growth. Portraits do not betray the fullness of emotions and sensations from the wedding day. However, they are able to convey the character of a person, to capture his inner state. Wedding portraits are unique. Therefore, it is necessary to include them in the wedding photo story.

Wedding Close Portraits

Source: Adelaide PhotographyKatie Pritchard, Deux Photo Video


Full Size Wedding Portraits

Source: Max Willy PhotographyScuba Doobie LadyStudio ClicG • GE Creative


Portraits When Someone Is Sitting

Source: J. Lynne PhotographyLindy Hickman Photography, Fotografia Slubna SulikaPuszko


Beautiful Bride’s Portraits From Different Angle

Source: Rebecca Carpenter PhotographyEstilo Photography, Haydar Dogramacı