30 Ways To Transform Your Reception Space

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After the ceremony, guests want to relax, have fun and celebrate with you. Your wedding reception space should offer all that and more, and it begins from your decor. Decorating the wedding reception venue is a daunting task, depending on the theme, budget, and personal taste. However, having a clear vision of what you want makes it easier. Once you have that part nailed down, you need creative wedding reception ideas to pull it off. But if you have no ideas in your head, don’t fret. We have set up a comprehensive list of ways to transform your wedding reception venue regardless of your theme. From the beach to vintage, rustic, boho, and more, get inspired by this guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Space Do You Need For A Wedding?

The amount of space needed for a wedding will depend on various factors such as the number of guests, the type of venue, and the layout of the event. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • Ceremony: You will need enough space for seating arrangements and an aisle for the wedding party to walk down. Generally, you will need at least 10-15 square feet per guest.
  • Reception: You will need space for tables and chairs, dance floor, and any additional entertainment or decor. A good rule of thumb is to allow for 8-10 square feet per guest, but this can vary depending on the layout and design of the event.
  • Catering: You will need space for the catering staff to set up and serve food and drinks. This will depend on the size of your catering team and the style of your service (buffet, plated, etc.)
  • Parking: You will need adequate parking space for your guests as well as for any vendors and staff.
  • Getting ready: You will need space for the wedding party to get ready such as a bridal suite or a groom’s room.

How To Use The Same Space For The Ceremony And Reception?

  • Plan the layout: The first step is to plan out the layout of the space to accommodate both the ceremony and reception. This may involve rearranging furniture, setting up a ceremony arch or backdrop, and creating a clear aisle for the wedding party.
  • Time your setup: To transition from the ceremony to the reception, you will need to allow time for the space to be rearranged and set up for the reception. This can typically take 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of the layout.
  • Use furniture for dual purposes: Consider using the same chairs or benches for both the ceremony and reception, and repurpose ceremony decor, such as floral arrangements or lanterns, for the reception.
  • Provide entertainment during the transition: To keep your guests entertained during the transition period, consider providing drinks and snacks or having live music or a DJ play during the setup time.
  • Hire a coordinator: Having a wedding coordinator can help ensure that the transition from the ceremony to the reception goes smoothly. They can work with vendors to coordinate the setup and transition, and help keep things on track throughout the event.


Great Ideas For A Wedding On The Beach

What better way to celebrate your big day than beach reception wedding ideas? The sea is endless with a poetic quality symbolic of love, storms of life, and how you will sail through. Beach weddings are authentic and organic, making them the best place to create memories. Make a vintage statement by pairing wooden chairs with sand. Add some stunning lower centerpieces and pristine drapes for an awestruck ambiance. Create a light nest by draping string lights down both sides of the dinner table like an arch. Use driftwood, seashells, and oysters as table décor while barrel lights keep the place aglow. Use manicured leaves like palm, pampas, king protea, baby’s breath, and foliage to create a stunning backdrop in the tent or open air.


Outdoor Wedding Reception Space

Enjoy some unique wedding reception decorations for the outdoors, especially in the summer when you can let your hair down. Wheeled drink carts or stations styled with fresh fruits and flowers are a must-have at an outdoor summer wedding. Serve treats of ice cool water, ice tea, lemonades, or juices. Hire teepees and canopies to shield your guests from the elements and make them transparent for a natural feel. But if you are hosting the wedding under tree shades, jazz up the ambiance with floating paper lanterns, tassels, and tree centerpieces. Open and mount umbrellas of different colors to bring vibrancy to your venue and decorate with so many fresh blooms. Add drapes, chandeliers, and crystal balls to the tent, use fresh fruits for centerpieces, and opt for comfy couches.


Popular Boho Style

Boho nuptials come with some out-of-the-box wedding reception ideas that go from modern to ultra-chic and rustic. Think about woven decor elements, macrame fabrics, rustic tablescape, and overflowing florals for an elaborate touch. There will also be an abundance of drapery, earthy details, and organic linens with a parade of greenery installations and floral centerpieces to transform your venue. Boho weddings are incomplete without the addition of jewel-toned geodes and agates for that indie feel. Alternatives include quartz, crystals, and rough stones at the entrance to create an enchanting effect. Bring in boughs of succulent greenery and pair with the candle-lit centerpieces, twinkling lights, and floating candles. Or create a wild look with hanging whimsical florals along with reception tables, silver dinnerware, and macramé table runners.


 Elegant Reception Décor

Elegant wedding celebrations ideas are numerous and don’t have to cost a king’s ransom. You can pull off this look with an agreeable budget if your vision is clear. Start by creating a romantic ambiance with string lights installations. Run them through trees, branches, and pillars to give a whimsical touch. Add some tea lights, votive candles, neon signs, and lanterns to elevate the lighting. Switch tall centerpieces for delicate vases, ornate floral clusters, table runners, and candles. Explore stylish seating options like lounge chairs, chaises, single chairs, and more. Complement this arrangement with printed pillows, textured poufs, and throw blankets to give the guests an inviting ambiance. Drape the ceilings with airy fabrics, incorporate floating paper lanterns and set up a greenery wall with statement flowers.

Simple Ideas

Simple reception ideas for weddings are a collection of subtle and luxurious touches for classy couples. Begin with creating calligraphy signs on mirrors lined with asymmetrical flowers in the wedding colors. Flank this sign with lanterns and tea light candles to form a cohesive look. Consider using handwritten acrylic table numbers to create an interesting mini focal point for guests. Pair them with candles, vases, and greenery centerpieces for the ultimate style. Incorporate menu cards, escort cards, and place cards on the table of monogrammed table runners. And to light up the place, opt for Edison bulbs, floating candles, and pewters.


Rustic Reception Space

Rustic wedding reception decor is a perfect design to give your wedding a homey yet inviting picture-perfect look. Consider a greenery minimalist table runner to add a delicate look to your reception and include the guests’ names on their dinnerware. Opt for lantern centerpieces that give a warm cozy feel in the night and soothing ambiance in the day. You can dress them up with some flowers for the enchanted touch. Direct the guests to the right places using wooden signs decorated with wreaths, and decorate your chair whit hessian bows. Add some Mason jar tea lights to the reception table or switch centerpieces for candles. Finish this look with an organza and floral photo booth to create an elegant backdrop.

Ideas For Vintage Wedding

Vintage wedding celebrations ideas are rich and swoon-worthy from the roaring 20s to the glam 50s and hippie 60s. Drawing inspiration from these eras, choose a framed vintage e door or lush flower medieval gates to create a fairy tale entrance. Consider mismatched chairs using various styles and colors for a dreamy and elegant look. Create a grand backdrop with two renaissance creations of eucalyptus, white roses, hydrangeas, and oak leaves. Also, never forget to incorporate an antique grazing table of treats. For the lighting, use chandeliers and candelabras with varying candle heights. Include delicately monogrammed napkins, a parchment menu, and gold dinnerware for the table setting.


Decor In The Style Of Minimalism

The best wedding reception ideas are often minimalist because there is beauty in simplicity. Work towards a clean look void of distraction to the incorporated elements as they stand out as focal points. Whether organic or modern minimalism, create a simple yet bold statement reception backdrop with two twisted vines running the walls. Blend the naturals and neutrals to create a majestic contrast. For instance, set a geometric dinnerware with plain linens and organic centerpieces for a cozy charm. Throw in some gilded touches to upgrade your table setting, like calligraphed parchment scroll menu and ivory dinnerware. Or mix rustic and industrial edges with wooden table signage and metal table numbers. Finish this look by swapping your couches for minimalist benches, glass vases, and a spray of wild grass.

Tender Provence

The Provence ideas for a wedding reception are arguably the most romantic out there. The ideas are stylish, effortless, and chic with aesthetic credibility. So if you fantasize about having a Provence wedding, bring it home by infusing its opulent roots at your wedding. Consider royal-style sweetheart chairs with white and blue stripes all around. Incorporate delicate flatware and gilded candelabras. If you favor a more bucolic approach, infuse lavender sprigs into your centerpieces, bouquets, and cocktails. You can also evoke the era of impressionists with a watercolor palette and use the French language wherever necessary. We are talking about place cards, table numbers, menus, signage, and more. Throw in chateau-like stonework, rolling lawn setting, or wrought iron pergolas.


Ideas For Indoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are the rave, but indoor wedding symbolizes coziness, class, and elegance for every theme. Choose an indoor venue with big windows to give a spacious and airy feel. You can also light up the place with ethereal ceiling installations for a celestial feel. Consider crystal chandeliers, vegetation, blooms, and even twinkling lights for natural and starry sky appearance. Create a stunning backdrop with floral wall arrangements or boxwood hedges to give that garden touch. And replace couches for wooden or acrylic chairs while running garland runners along with your table. But for a more modern wedding, opt for monogrammed runners and centerpieces of varying heights. Another alternative is using a variety of wildflowers with different colors and textures surrounded by candles for your centerpieces.

Wedding Reception Space Lightening Ideas

Wedding reception space lighting is an important aspect to consider when planning your wedding. There are several lighting options that you can use to create a beautiful and festive atmosphere for your reception. Bulb lights can create a warm, ambient glow in the reception space, and you can hang them from the ceiling or string them along walls. Also, string lights are a popular choice for outdoor receptions. You can hang them from trees, poles, or other structures. You can also use chandeliers, lanterns, and candles to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. When placing light decorations, it is vital to keep in mind the overall aesthetic of the reception space. Also, ensure that the light is bright enough for guests to see each other but not so bright that it causes glare or discomfort. Use dimmer switches to control the brightness of the lights and create a different ambiance throughout the event.

Your wedding reception space is only as sophisticated as the decor, so get it right. Take inspiration from our comprehensive list of reception decor from indoors to the beach. The ideas are creative, budget-friendly, and easy to DIY. Regardless of your wedding theme and taste, here is something suitable for you.