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30 Ways To Transform Your Reception Space


When you have chosen haircut, makeup, dress it’s time to think about reception. We propose you to think outside the box and consider our transformation reception space ideas. Our favorites are: floral runner, candles and outdoor reception. See our gallery and you’ll find something for your taste for sure!

Photo 1-3: Great Ideas For A Wedding On The Beach

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Photo 4-6: Outdoor Wedding Reception Space

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Photo 7-9: Popular Boho Style

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Photo 10-12: Elegant Reception Décor

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Photo 13-15: Simple Ideas

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Photo 16-18: Rustic Reception Space

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Photo 19-21: Ideas For Vintage Wedding

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Photo 22-24: Decor In The Style Of Minimalism

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Photo 25-27: Tender Provence

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Photo 28-30: Ideas For Indoor Wedding

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