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36 Rustic Wooden Crates Wedding Ideas


Planning a barn style, farm or another rustic wedding theme? Trying to find a way how to do it unique and memorable? One of the budget-friendly element of the country wedding is wooden crates. In our photo guide how to use wooden crates wedding ideas we gathered the most pinned and popular pictures. Mini crates for serving as your centerpieces, super simple cake tables and drink bars with little bigger crates, crates with old door backdrop combination all these will look fabulous at a big day. See our best ideas and pick your favorite!


Photo 1-6: Arch And Aisle With Crates

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Photo 7-12: Wooden Crates Wedding Ideas In Decor

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Photo 13-18: Cake Table And Drink Bar Ideas

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Photo 19-24: Wooden Crates – The Perfect Solution In The Wedding Interior

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Photo 25-30: Wooden Crates As Perfect Decoration For Rustic Wedding

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Photo 31-36: Simple Cake Stand Ideas With Wooden Crates

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