Barn weddings are scenic treasures that present the perfect ambiance for inspiring photos and dramatic details. Though they are extremely popular wedding venues, many wedding planners find this to be one of the most challenging types of weddings to plan. The natural surroundings or environment play a major part in the décor and elements of the wedding. Brides should expect special appearance by uninvited guests such as, insects and other critters. Careful placement of the portable potties is also a must to prevent an eyesore in pictures or entertainment. Don’t worry about the tiny details of your barn wedding because we have all the tricks to planning your big day.

1. The Barn Costs Like A Posh Hotel

It is essential to always forecast over budget for the venue but this is especially true for a barn wedding. There will be add-ons that must be utilized such as tables, lighting, tents, dishes, stage and many others. Make sure all of the proper precautions are taken to protect guests during the celebration. Factor in cost for commercial cleaning services, additional lighting and provisions to make water accessible during the ceremony and reception. It is also wise to get insurance coverage to protect your guests as well as yourself from any liable damages that may occur. If the barn isn’t commonly utilized for parties or weddings, make certain there are enough electrical outlets for use during the wedding.


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