In case you have decided to get married in the church, you will probably be interested in church wedding decorations. We make a great list of the best decoration for your wedding. Here you will find beautiful aisle decorations, white décor ideas, ideas with candles, stunning ideas with baby’s breath decorations and event some tips how to embellish the church door perfectly. Start scrolling down and pick up the most romantic ideas for your Big day.

Photo 1-3: Decorations That Will Take Your Breath Away

Source:  Karlisch Studio, Kehoe Designs, Rebecca Grace

Photo 4-6: Gorgeous Aisle Decoration

Source: altare wedding photojournalism, Disney Fine Art Photography, Photo Pink


Photo 7-9: Incredible Candles For Church Wedding

Source: Christianoth Studio M Three Studio, Jenelle Kappe Photography

Photo 10-12: Greenery Church Wedding Decorations

Source: Landon Jacob, Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, Bradley James Photography

Photo 13-15: Vintage Church Decorations

Source: decorations by Jelena, Rebecca Arthurs, Disney Fine Art Photography

Photo 16-18: Stunning Baby’s Breath Decorations

Source: Two Sparks Wedding Photography, A Timeless Celebration, Fiori By Lynne

Photo 19-21: White Church Decor

Source: Jen Huang, Braedon Photography, Amy Arrington Photography

Photo 22-24: Gorgeous Ideas For Church Decor

Source: Walters & Walters,Disney Fine Art Photography, Kelsie Mae

Photo 25-27: Embellish Church Door Perfectly

Source: Brooke Images, MAIA, Liz Photography

Photo 28-30: Stunning Church Decor With Romantic Lights

Source: Ohio History Weddings, skylineucc, Serendipity Photography