Must-Take Romantic Photos On Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding is a day of celebration and certainly lots of love and photos to capture memories that will last forever. It’s a day to look your best and take the most unique romantic photos wedding day to document the love that you share. Great wedding photos with your partner, your family, and your friends. With so much activity that would be going on, this is the surest way to capture it all. Wedding photos should be sleek and perfect. And, if you want to capture all of that romance, you need not only a good photographer but good poses as well.
Below we have some of our favorite wedding photo ideas to inspire you.


Romantic Photo Poses

Creating romantic wedding photo poses is all about capturing the love and emotion between the couple. Here are some classic and creative romantic wedding photo poses:

Forehead to Forehead

The couple gently touches their foreheads together, symbolizing their love and intimacy.

The Loving Kiss

A passionate kiss between the bride and groom can create a beautiful and romantic moment.

The Stolen Glance

Capture the couple looking into each other’s eyes with genuine affection and love.


Holding hands while walking or standing, symbolizing the journey they’re embarking on together.

Under the Veil

Use the bride’s veil to create an intimate and mysterious atmosphere as the couple shares a kiss.

The Sunset Silhouette

Capture the couple’s silhouette against a beautiful sunset for a breathtaking and romantic shot.

Dancing in Love

If there’s a dance floor, photograph the couple dancing closely, lost in the moment.

Close-Up Detail

Zoom in on the couple’s intertwined fingers or wedding rings for a romantic and meaningful shot.

The Candid Laugh

Capture a genuine, joyful moment where the couple laughs together.

The Veil Lift

The groom gently lifts the bride’s veil for an intimate and romantic reveal.


Romantic Photo Ideas


Outside Romantic Wedding Photos Ideas

Some of the best wedding photos are taken in the outdoors. Take advantage of nature to take pictures with some of the best views and picturesque locations.

  • Use nature: Underneath an elegant tree or in front of a floral backdrop. You can use props or take advantage of varying angles to get lots of lovely images.
  • Relax: While there are a lot of traditional poses for weddings, the new trend is to be more carefree. If this appeals to you, be sure to laugh a lot, look into each other’s eyes, and trust your photographer.


Night Wedding Picture Ideas

It’s easy to think that the nighttime would be bad for taking photos, but there are lots of wedding picture ideas that can get you excellent shots at night.

  • Sunset: Be sure to take advantage of the sun going down at the start of your event. At the right angle, sunset shots can be the most romantic ever.
  • Fairy lights: If you want to use the night sky to your advantage, try enhancing the starry background with sparkly fairy lights. You will be glad you did.
    Don’t forget to smile and just have fun. Your pearly whites would add a delightful contrast to your nighttime wedding photos.


Cute Wedding Photos on Boats

Are you having a wedding on a lake or by the beach? Then be sure to have fun and take some nautical-inspired pictures. Incorporate your wedding venue in your wedding photo shoot.

  • Use nature: The gleam of the turquoise or blue water, or the splash of the waves. Use these for the background of your photos to capture the most romantic wedding photos.
  • The boat: You can have some of the best wedding photos on a boat. Think of the Titanic and how the deck or even the helm of the boat can give you the most picturesque moments.

Great Wedding Photos at Sunset

When creating your wedding program, be sure to check what you schedule for the sunset hour because this is when you can get some of the best photos. Whether it’s the time for your first dance, or even the cutting of the cake, the magic of the sunset is sure to make it more romantic.

  • Outdoors: You can only take advantage of the sunset if you are outdoors. So, if your wedding is indoors, consider scheduling a brief photoshoot at the time of the sun going down.
  • Have fun: The last thing you want is to look rigid or stressed in photos, so just relax and have fun. Whether you will be posing, dancing together or even cutting the cake, remember to look into each other’s eyes, kiss, and live in the moment, the photographer will do the rest.


Must-Have Wedding Photos: Kiss Bride and Groom

No wedding album is complete without the kiss of the bride and groom. Be it the first kiss as a married couple or subsequent kisses, the pictures need to be perfect.

  • Use nature: Capture stunning wedding kiss shots under a tree or under a snowfall. If you love adventure, it could even be under the rain. Using the elements, you can get the best must-have wedding photos.
  • Lean in: To make the romance even more palpable, it’s a good idea to hold each other and lean into the kiss. You could also kiss a bit longer to give your photographer the opportunity to capture that truly stunning bride and groom kiss shot.

Your big day is coming up and you no doubt want romantic photos of your wedding day. Find the photographer you can communicate your ideas to, one who can understand your unique needs. With that and our cute wedding photo ideas, you are sure to end up with fantastic pictures to capture memories you will want to treasure forever.