Must-Take Romantic Photos On Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding is a day of celebration and certainly lots of love and photos to capture memories that will last forever. It’s a day to look your best and take the most unique romantic photos wedding day to document the love that you share. Great wedding photos with your partner, your family, and your friends. With so much activity that would be going on, this is the surest way to capture it all. Wedding photos should be sleek and perfect. And, if you want to capture all of that romance, you need not only a good photographer but good poses as well.


Below we have some of our favorite wedding photo ideas to inspire you.

Romantic Photo Poses

Creating romantic wedding photo poses is all about capturing the love and emotion between the couple. Here are some classic and creative romantic wedding photo poses:

Forehead to Forehead

The closeness provides an intimate feeling that represents their intense affection. The tender touching of their foreheads symbolizes the relationship and closeness created by marriage and also provides a warm feeling.


The Loving Kiss

The couple embrace each other for a kiss that depicts the essence of their love. The photographer may focus on the sweet kiss, which depicts the love and faithfulness displayed by the bride and groom.


The Stolen Glance

The deep connection with one another is clearly revealed in their glance, signifying love and comprehension. Such positioning of these figures reveals the unsaid communication and love that exists between the bride and groom.



The couple holding hands implies the fact that whether walking down the aisle or standing together, the couple symbolizes the journey they have initiated as partners of a lifetime. Therefore, interlocked fingers symbolize mutual support, and power/unity which makes it a potent gesture.


Under the Veil

Create a dreaming and secret mood using bride’s veil. The soft fabric creates romance when they kiss under their veils at their wedding. The veil delineates the moment by emphasizing the bond between the couple with a hint of curiosity and charm.

The Sunset Silhouette

Catch the couple’s shadow at the perfect spot and against the background of a stunning setting sun. The shot is truly breathtaking and romantic as it uses used warm colors of the setting sun. The couple is shown as a silhouette whose outline shows unity, love, and a great prospect for their future.


Dancing in Love

Photograph the couple while they are dancing closely on a dance floor if there is one in the venue. The surroundings become nothing but a mere background of their own connection. The joy and romance of a wedding celebration are well illustrated by this pose.

Close-Up Detail

The focus should be zooming in on the details. These are the couple’s interlocked fingers or wedding rings. The close-up shot points out those little moments that add up to the grand romance of the day. The simplicity in it makes it a wonderful way of exhibiting the bond of intimacy between the couple in one another.


The Candid Laugh

Capture moments of true laughter, the couple’s honest, and happy instance. Their lighthearted relationship is portrayed through the laughter that creates a genuine and warm-hearted picture.

The Veil Lift

The bride’s face is slowly intimately unveiled by the groom. This pose is an indicator that there is a new phase in their lives, which is expected to be characterized by joy and happiness as witnessed during the couple’s wedding ceremony.


With Bridal Bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is the centre of attention with its colors echoing the natural surroundings they are in. Get the couple to have a light kiss with the bride closing her eyes as they revel in the magical setting of the garden. Such a pose embodies the spirit of romance in the wild.

The First Look

The photographer captures the emotion in their eyes when the groom lifts the bride’s veil for the first time. The diffused light softly draws attention to the faces. The veil gives an air of wonder and grace to the occasion since it represents the beginning of a new period in their union. Although this is an intimate pose, it maintains the originality of the first look and adds elegance.


The Walk Down the Aisle

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Capture a second of pure emotion while the couple proceeds down the aisle. Glancing at her groom, the bride holds her bouquet and reflects on the silent love and happiness she feels. Warm light coming through the aisle illuminates their facial expression. This pose will remain for posterity, as it captures the anxiousness and joyfulness of their trip towards the wedding bliss.

The First Dance

Make your first dance unforgettable with classic poses. In the indoors and the outdoors hold close, dance gently, and look deeply in the eyes. Dance along to the tune and let its beauty lead your steps so that you might enjoy the pleasure of dancing together. Make these moments magical by catching candid smiles, whispered words, and stolen kisses. Be natural, show your love through dance, and enjoy the romance in the night. The first dance is an exquisite symbol of your journey, make it yours.


The Cutting and Eating of the Cake

Make your cake-cutting occasions memorable! Go for intimate poses like feeding each other, exchanging a sweet kiss, or giving a glare of love. Just enjoy the moment, and smile sincerely and naturally. However, love, laughter, and sweetness are what it’s all about. Do not try to be artificial, remain as your normal selves, and you will be taking these priceless images that will adorn your wedding album for years.

Romantic Photo Ideas

Outside Romantic Wedding Photos Ideas

Some of the best wedding photos are taken in the outdoors. Take advantage of nature to take pictures with some of the best views and picturesque locations.

  • Use nature: Underneath an elegant tree or in front of a floral backdrop. You can use props or take advantage of varying angles to get lots of lovely images.
  • Relax: While there are a lot of traditional poses for weddings, the new trend is to be more carefree. If this appeals to you, be sure to laugh a lot, look into each other’s eyes, and trust your photographer.


Night Wedding Picture Ideas

It’s easy to think that the nighttime would be bad for taking photos, but there are lots of wedding picture ideas that can get you excellent shots at night.

  • Sunset: Be sure to take advantage of the sun going down at the start of your event. At the right angle, sunset shots can be the most romantic ever.
  • Fairy lights: If you want to use the night sky to your advantage, try enhancing the starry background with sparkly fairy lights. You will be glad you did.
    Don’t forget to smile and just have fun. Your pearly whites would add a delightful contrast to your nighttime wedding photos.

Cute Wedding Photos on Boats

Are you having a wedding on a lake or by the beach? Then be sure to have fun and take some nautical-inspired pictures. Incorporate your wedding venue in your wedding photo shoot.

  • Use nature: The gleam of the turquoise or blue water, or the splash of the waves. Use these for the background of your photos to capture the most romantic wedding photos.
  • The boat: You can have some of the best wedding photos on a boat. Think of the Titanic and how the deck or even the helm of the boat can give you the most picturesque moments.


Great Wedding Photos at Sunset

When creating your wedding program, be sure to check what you schedule for the sunset hour because this is when you can get some of the best photos. Whether it’s the time for your first dance, or even the cutting of the cake, the magic of the sunset is sure to make it more romantic.

  • Outdoors: You can only take advantage of the sunset if you are outdoors. So, if your wedding is indoors, consider scheduling a brief photoshoot at the time of the sun going down.
  • Have fun: The last thing you want is to look rigid or stressed in photos, so just relax and have fun. Whether you will be posing, dancing together or even cutting the cake, remember to look into each other’s eyes, kiss, and live in the moment, the photographer will do the rest.

Must-Have Wedding Photos: Kiss Bride and Groom

No wedding album is complete without the kiss of the bride and groom. Be it the first kiss as a married couple or subsequent kisses, the pictures need to be perfect.

  • Use nature: Capture stunning wedding kiss shots under a tree or under a snowfall. If you love adventure, it could even be under the rain. Using the elements, you can get the best must-have wedding photos.
  • Lean in: To make the romance even more palpable, it’s a good idea to hold each other and lean into the kiss. You could also kiss a bit longer to give your photographer the opportunity to capture that truly stunning bride and groom kiss shot.


Wedding Pose Mistakes to Avoid

  • Ignoring Natural Chemistry:
    Ignoring your natural chemistry is one of the most common mistakes that couples make. Go for natural gestures and not stylized poses. Make sure your photos center around your authentic connection.
  • Forgetting About Comfort:
    It is normal to want to present glamorous and stylish poses, but comfort is also important. In addition, poses may also not be comfortable, and therefore, you can look and feel uncomfortable. Opt for poses that feel comfortable and enable you to relax, so your happiness and affection are shown with ease.
  • Overlooking Personal Touches:
    Personalize your poses to reflect your connection. The depth and meaning can be added to your photos through such small things as a shared hobby, a special place, or a prop.
  • Ignoring the Surroundings:
    The surroundings could be a picturesque garden, a sandy beach, or a historic building. Notice the background and environment and use poses that blend with the environment. Ensure that you create an atmosphere of romance in your photos, regardless of where you are.
  • Overemphasizing Perfection:
    Don’t forget that it is imperfections that give certain peculiarity and authenticity to your photos. Celebrate the spontaneous moments, the fun, and the true feelings that define your relationship. It is in the unadulterated moments that perfection lies.

Your big day is coming up and you no doubt want romantic photos of your wedding day. Find the photographer you can communicate your ideas to, one who can understand your unique needs. With that and our cute wedding photo ideas, you are sure to end up with fantastic pictures to capture memories you will want to treasure forever.