Lace wedding dresses are probably the most romantic type of wedding dress a girl can dream of. Lace gowns are, without question, the most elegant and feminine wedding dresses. No wonder that so many wedding fashion designers use lacework as their signature feature. Intricate beaded lacework comes in different patterns: it can be ethnic, geometrical or flower. Sometimes lace is just a detail, and sometimes it is the essence of the dress. It can give the happy bride that truly innocent look, or highlight her curves with a semi-transparent lace bodice. Weddingforward has chosen the best lace dresses that you will absolutely love. Learn more about different types of lace that can compliment any body type! Enjoy our gallery most exquisite dresses by different designers. Modest and sexy, mermaid and backless – every dress you might dream of. You will also find everything you need to know about lace dresses! Browse through different styles to find that perfect dress, which is right for you!

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