Wedding planning is a process that has its share of ups and downs but knowing which mistakes to watch out for can ease the anxiety. We have put together a list of mistakes that can easily be avoided simply by knowing about them. Make your summer wedding a breeze when you prepare properly by identifying these mishaps before they happen.

There are several things to be done to prepare for a beautiful summer wedding but what can you do to make sure it comes off as beautiful as you would like. The first step is to realize and accept that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding no matter what season it takes place in and mistakes will happen. Some large, some small but many can be avoided or overcome with the proper preparation.

1. The Back-Up Boutonniere

Back-Up accessories are a plus in any wedding but many people forget the importance of a back-up boutonniere. Taking pictures before or after the ceremony could call for the need of an extra boutonniere. Wilting or frail blooms don’t make the best wedding photos and can take away from the handsome appearance of the groom and groomsmen. The boutonniere isn’t like the bouquet because it is worn throughout the entire ceremony and will encounter the impact of heat, hugs and other forms of contact. The back-up will come in handy whenever the initial is clearly growing tired of its duties.


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