Once a couple begins to plan their wedding, there are many sources of advice that will begin to surface.

The most difficult part is deciding which advice to take and which should be simply ignored. People will offer words of advice from their experience and though it may be genuine, their outcome doesn’t depict your outcome.

Everyone has different wishes for their big day and there are a few things that you may regret not doing at your wedding. We have included a list of things that you may want to think twice about before crossing them off of your wedding day list.

1. Foregoing The Videographer

Many couples are able to find a great professional photographer to capture the best wedding moments, but forget to include a videographer in their wedding budget. This is something you will likely regret not doing at your wedding many years later. Video offers a treasured memory that allows you to relive the memories of your wedding day on a more personal level. You may not realize this mistake in the first 10 years, but will certainly regret it 20 years later.


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