When your parents got married, the only option for personalizing a wedding cake topper was a deciding between blonde or brunette hair on the bride and groom statuettes. Nowadays, wedding decor becomes more and more creative, with couples personalizing their day in all kinds of different ways. Take your pick from some of fresh, playful, and unique wedding cake toppers ideas below!

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Photo 1-3: Wedding Cake Toppers You Will Be Touched

Source: Melissa Jordan PhotographyJess Dewes PhotographyBlink of an Eye Photography

Photo 4-6: Charismatic Couples At The Top Of Cake

Source: Brooke Price Photography1486 PhotographyMelanie Grady Photography

Photo 7-9: Wedding Cake Toppers With Charming Birds

Source: Shea Christine PhotographyLeah Moss PhotographyAutumn Twilight Photography

Photo 10-12: Simple DIY Ideas For Toppers

Source: tPoz PhotographyMatt Wood PhotographyB Ahd G Photography

Photo 13-15: Fresh Ideas With Cute Characters

Source: Sean J. Mason PhotographyThe Bird And The Bear PhotographyDerek Chad Photography

Photo 16-18: Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Of Ceramics

Source: Jacilyn M, Kendra Elise PhotographyAnna LaBenz Photography

Photo 19-21: Romantic Groom And Bride Figures

Source: Samantha Lauren Photographie, One Love PhotographyRyon:Lockhart Photography

Photo 22-24: Adorable Cake Toppers Ideas For Southwest Wedding

Source: Sara And RockyBlush Wedding PhotographyMr And Mrs Wedding Duo

Photo 25-27: Original Cake Toppers Ideas For Rustic Wedding

Source: Crystal Turino PhotographyKate Wenzel PhotographyDarshan Photography

Photo 28-30: Playful Cake Toppers With Favourite Heroes

Source: Shane Welch PhotographyJessi Marri PhotographyPhotography by Jacquelynn