Smaller ceremonies can get away with ‘adults only’, but larger weddings involve all of your friends and family, including the children. There are plenty of wedding games for kids, but you do have to keep a few things in mind when deciding how to keep the kiddies entertained.

They want to have fun too, but they need safety and they need supervision. You’re the best bet is to designate both indoor and outdoor areas.

A few wedding ideas for kids are timeless classics. Games like lawn bowling, twister, or just plain running around – freeze tag anyone!? – will never go out of style. Kids’ energy levels tend to fluctuate through the night, so don’t go overboard with the active games.

When planning a wedding game for kids, make sure it’s age-appropriate for all guests, that the activity is well supervised, and – most importantly – it’s fun!

This handy infographic gives some helpful suggestions for ways to keep children entertained.

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1. Simple Wedding Game For Kids

With a large family, the children section of your party can range fairly significantly in age. What entertains a 6 year old usually doesn’t cut it for an 11 year old. You’ll want to plan an assortment of wedding activities for kids so that everyone has something to do.

Each group of children will also need different levels of attention. You’ll want to talk to a few other parents or hire additional staff to make sure the younger kids are safe and sound while the adults are celebrating. Some games – like puzzles and legos – span all ages.

Set up a few stations for kids to sit down and concentrate. If you are a fan of productivity, consider re-using the materials from some of your wedding shower games.

2. Individual Zone For Children

With all of the attention being paid to the bride and groom, kids are going to feel left out. Thay may also be surrounded by people they are not familiar with. There are going to be plenty of “no kid” zones.

So why not level the playing field with a “no adults” area. Children love the idea of having their very own space. Leave out an age-appropriate assortment of books, and – we urge you- set up a kid-friendly movie room.

A mini “theatre night” will make the kids feel great and leave the adults with a few uninterrupted hours. Take a queue from you inexpensive bachelor party and set up a kids-only karaoke station. Very few kids can resist spotlight, and they’re sure to have a blast!

3. Craft Corner For Kids

Reserve some craft areas where the kids can enjoy some downtime. They’ll be trying to eat and dance the night away with the adults, but sooner or later they will want to zone out and lean into a project.

A few crayons and some coloring books will go a long way, but efficient party planners may want to consider killing 2 birds with 1 stone. A craft corner can easily double as an assembly area for party favors for the guests. A wedding ceremony is hinged on love, and kids love a good romance story. Letting them be a part of it could be a huge memory for them.

4. Wedding Game For Kids With Professional Artist

Kids love being creative, and they love being the center of attention. A small price to pay for hours of entertainment is hiring a wedding artist. A painter or characteristic can sit with the child for an hour after hour drawing fun and funny portraits.

Kids can participate in the art’s concept, sit still, and return home with a fun takeaway. Or, they can follow an instructor led project with all their favorites; paper, scissors, glue, and – of course – glitter! If your younger guests prefer more interaction, a fun way to pass the time is a romance themed game of bridal bingo.

5. Choose The Best Wedding Game For Kids

Weddings are a wondrous time for everyone involved. This occasion brings everyone together from immediate family to long lost friends. Weddings are mostly an adult event and the wedding party has so much to worry about that kids often get pushed to the back burner, and eventually become bored and irritated.

Some planning and a little creativity will make sure that kids of all ages are provided with a safe space to enjoy the party. The most important thing is to offer variety. Active games, crafts, food, and dancing should all be part of the mix.