As you go through your wedding day and head toward your honeymoon, you may be lost as to which vendors to tip and which vendors don’t need (or expect) a gratuity.  Along with figuring out who to tip, you’ve also got to know how much is appropriate. Tipping can become a bit outlandish, especially when you consider how much your wedding has already cost, but spreading a little green goes a long way toward letting those who made your big day a success that you appreciate their efforts.

Regardless of your tipping protocol, there are things you’ll need to keep in mind when dealing with vendors for your wedding. It’s important to tip if you’re happy with the services you’ve received; if you believe that your vendors have gone above and beyond your expectations, then tipping becomes more of a necessity and the amount tipped should be correspondingly greater. Tips are earned, but not everyone will do a tip-worthy job for you on your big day; you should not feel under obligation to tip those who did not perform adequately.


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