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45 Beautiful Wedding Cakes The Best From Pinterest


Wedding cakes are masterpiece of culinary art, and we think, your wedding cake is a perfect opportunity for you to communicate your wedding color palette, the theme, and the overall feel of the event design.
There are many beautiful, amazing, excellent cakes in the web. We gathered some beautiful wedding cakes ideas to get inspired you for the amazing treats. So we would like to share our emotion when you face a choice of wedding cakes.


Photo 1-3: Stunningly Elegant Cakes

Source: Sugarsugarnantes, Thekingcake via instagram, Elizabeths Cake Emporium


Photo 4-6: Romantic Rustic Wedding Cakes

Source:  Torreyfox via instagram, Cake ink via Instagram, Gulacake


Photo 7-9: Precious Gold Wedding Cakes

Source: cake ink, cake ink, Canberra Cake Designer via instagram


Photo 10-12: Passionate Cakes With Red Accent

Source: Emeline Lepillier via instagram, We Want Cake, Dawn Welton Cake School via instagram


Photo 13-15: Sugar Ruffles Cakes

Source: Pandacookiss, Duchess Cakes and Bakes via instagram, Cakesbykrishanthi via instagram

Photo 16-18: Delicate Sweet Lace

Source: Kitoscakes, Cake_ink via Instagram, Ediblebitesbyruma


Photo 19-21: Graceful Calla Lilies On Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Source: Kate Harrison Photography, Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer, Cake Chester

Photo 22-24: Cascade Down Of Flowers

Source: Fine Cakes by Zehra via Instagram, Finespun Cakes & Pastries via instagramAnnika.k.cakes via instagram


Photo 25-27: Amazing Flowers On Cakes

Source: Melissa’s Fine Pastries, Moira PatissiereThe King Cake via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Sensual Message On Toppers Cakes

Source: Cindy Lee Photo, Lois Elaine photography, from the daisies


Photo 31-33: Wedding Cakes With Chic Flowers

Source: Ava Moore PhotographyThe King Cake via instagramMelissa Marshall

Photo 34-36: Inspiration For Blue Wedding Cakes

Source: Rebekah Naomi Cake Design, Nicole Lapierre PhotographyAster And Olive Photography


Photo 37-39: Charming Cakes For Beach Wedding

Source: creativecakesandcandies via Instagram, Mandy Ford via InstagramZoë Clark via Instagram

Photo 40-42: Adorable Wedding Cake Ideas With Petals

Source: Kalabasa via Instagram, hannahduffyphotography via Instagram, Sarah Libby Photography via Instagram


Photo 43-45: Beautiful Modern Wedding Cakes

Source: jasmineraecakes via Instagram, cakedesignbyhollymiller via Instagram, Cake Ink via Instagram