5 Crazy Things Brides Ask Their Bridesmaids


Most bridesmaids are eager to be asked to accompany their friend, the bride on their special day. This is a common gesture that is shared among friends but there are some occasions where the bride seems to forget that the bridesmaid is actually doing her a favor. One of the most common is the crazy questions that brides can sometimes ask their bridesmaids. Here are a few of those questions and how you can prepare for them before they are asked.

1. The Hair

Question 1:“You are getting your hair done before the wedding, right?”

Answer:Maybe so or Maybe not!

Scenario: Bride wants the bridesmaid to change the color of her hair and take a few inches off before the wedding day. The bridesmaid should be honest and tell her either (1) I like my hair the way it is or (2) I simply can’t afford those services right now with everything else I’m spending for the wedding.

2. The Other Responsibilities

Question 2: its okay if I leave the flowers, cake, stationery, etc. for you to sort, right?

Answer: No! I can help but I won’t oversee these projects.

Scenario:“I enjoy helping with the details of the wedding but I understand that your vision is a very precise one. I don’t want to run the risk of ruining any of the details of your wedding. Flowers, cake, colors and everything else is just an order to me but it’s everything to the bride and I want you to be pleased with the outcome. So, I’ll help but not organize”.

3. The Dress Colour

Question 3: I know you feel that blue is not your color but I really love this shade for the wedding, you don’t mind wearing that color dress for a few hours do you?

Answer: Thanks for considering my feeling but it’s your day and I want you to be happy. Although I despise the color, I’m willing to overlook that this one time. Especially if you let me help pick the style of dress we wear.

Scenario:“Lisa had spoken with me about the tone of color she’d chosen for her wedding, which was not my favorite. I didn’t mind this at all but she couldn’t seem to let it go.

4. The Dress Fitting

Question 4: I can expect you to show at all of my dress fittings, correct?”

Answer: It depends on my schedule.

Scenario:“We don’t live near each other and I found it difficult to commit to every fitting appointment. I had to be upfront and remind her of the distance and how it’s difficult to accommodate every item on her itinerary.

5. The Heavy Question

Question 5: “So…..how much weight are you losing before the wedding?”

Answer: Are you serious! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, how are your fittings looking so far?

Scenario:“The bride subtly implied that I should lose weight before HER wedding day or I’d be cropped out of the wedding photos or possibly even the wedding. We had words and there has been tension ever since that day.”