20 Engagement Photos Do’s and Don’ts to Make Perfect Photos


Taking engagement photos is a great idea, especially since you will need quality photos as a couple to use while preparing for your wedding. You might need them for your invitation cards, or save the dates, and so on.


Another good reason for having engagement pictures or an engagement session is that this is a great time to try out your wedding photographer. It would be a good time to see how you all work together and if he/she is a good fit for you. So, during your session, there are a few dos and don’ts which can help you get the best out of your photos. This and more we will analyze below.

How much do engagement photos cost?

Most often photographers charge a flat rate for their packages. This will cover a certain amount of shoot time, locations, outfit changes, and retouched photos. On average, a session would cost anything from $250 to $350 per session. So if you’ve been toying with the question, “how much does an engagement photo shoot cost?” this gives you a good idea about photography costs.


10 do’s of an engagement photo session.

  1. Be yourselves. During the shoot, it would do you well to ignore the camera and just be yourselves. Act like you normally would be the two people who fell in love with each other and just play with each other. Enjoy this time together and allow the camera to do its work for cool engagement photos.
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  2. Bring several outfits.Choose several outfits to bring with you to the engagement photo locations. At least a casual set, a formal setting and then something in between. Make sure they are pressed and ready before the shoot.
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  3. Choose clothes you are comfortable in. Even if you’re having formal engagement photos, this is not the time to get clothes that make you uncomfortable. There is a high probability that your discomfort will show in the photos, so choose clothes you are already comfortable wearing.
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  4. Choose your colors wisely.You already have an idea, which colors compliment your hair and skin, same for your fiancé. This is not the time for a color experiment, so choose colors that work best for you both.
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  5. Wear makeup.This is for the ladies. If you’re not used to wearing makeup, then try to put in some effort for the shoot. Makeup will help your photos pop and give the feel of more smooth and even skin. This is one engagement photo tip you should not ignore.
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  6. Come prepared.Take makeups, combs, hair ties, sunglasses, lint remover, anything that might be needed for a touch up in between takes. You will be glad you did.
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  7. Couple engagement photos is a great idea for your engagement announcements. So, use these photos for your Instagram posts, Facebook, or any other avenue you would like to use to share the news of your upcoming nuptials. They are a great opportunity to display the love you share to friends and family.
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  8. Use props.Little items like chairs, a swing, gifts that you share or props that come with the chosen location, can make a great difference in your engagement photos. Props can also help with more photo poses ideas.
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  9. Be active.It’s great to think engagement photo poses, but even better to not just stand there. For those must-have engagement photos, it’s better if you are active, do something together to give the photographer something to work with.
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  10. Be true to yourself.Another one from our list of cute couple photo ideas is to not try to be someone you are not at this time. Wear the kinds of clothes you will usually wear and be natural around each other. If you are not used to makeup, then don’t use too much. You want these photos to reflect the real you for all the years to come.
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10 don’ts of an engagement photo session.

  1. Refuse to be too matchy. While it’s basically a duo photoshoot  and it’s a good idea to coordinate outfits, try not to wear the exact same things. Think more of creative themed engagement photos.
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  2. Do not wear logos.  Visible logos can be distracting; they can also take the attention away from your photos, so try not to wear any.
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  3. Do not wear tight clothing.  You need to be comfortable and relaxed. So, unless this is the type of clothing you wear regularly, tight clothes is a no, no.
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  4. Do not get a new do. To avoid any unforeseen disasters, do not get a new tan or haircut, or shave just before your photo session. Perhaps try it a week or two before and see how you like it.
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  5. Do not overthink it. Chill, relax and be yourselves. Do not overthink the poses and let the photographer work.
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  6. You don’t have to be too trendy. It’s about you, not about trends or fashion. Styles come and go, so choose classic clothing styles that are not too rigid and can transcend time.
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  7. Be chill with accessories.  Jewelery is good, but it shouldn’t be the center of attention. Use it only to complement your look.
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  8. Guys do not wear hats. Leave this for the lady if she has any she would like to wear.
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  9. Do not out-do your fiancé.  It’s not a competition. You are there to complement each other not to steal the spotlight from one another.
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  10.  Don’t be afraid to get dirty.  Make sure to choose to clothe that won’t have you hesitating to sit in the sand or grass if required. You need to feel completely at home and one with your location even if you are taking photos in the forest.
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Engagement photo tips

There are a lot of unique couple photoshoot ideas that can help you get the best out of your photo session, of which we will mention a few.

  • Personalize your shoot. Try to plan your engagement shoot around who you are as a couple. Choose locations that mean something to you and just be yourselves. When thinking poses and locations, think about your shared hobbies and the things that connect you both. Allow these photos to reflect the type of couple that you are.
  • Use Pinterest. When garnering ideas, it would help to create a Pinterest board of clothing, locations and even props. This would help as a guide even, for great prenup photoshoot ideas.
  • Stick to a consistent theme. Pinterest can throw you in the deep end with more than 100 photography ideas. Choose a theme to guide you with your choices. An overall theme that would play out throughout your engagement photography sessions.


After getting engaged, many think of an engagement party and hopefully an engagement photo session. If this is you, then when taking your engagement photos, one important factor to keep at the back of your mind continually is to relax, be yourselves and have a good time. The best photos and couple photo ideas come from just enjoying yourselves in front of the camera. We hope these tips do well to guide you, and that you have the most enjoyable engagement photo session ever.