Engagement Photos Do’s and Don’ts


When it comes to telling the world that you are engaged, nothing can beat classic engagement photos. Before you go running to the nearest photographer, here are a few engagement photos do’s and don’ts you should consider:

1. Be Creative

Engagement Photos Do and Dont 1
Photo credit: mon-el.com

This is the best opportunity for you and your fiancée to show the world who you really are. You can use props, locations, costumes, whatever you think will express your love the best. Just don’t let your designs get in the way of the most important part of the picture – you!

2. Don’t Forget The Romance

Engagement Photos Do and Dont 2
Photo credit: Sarah Marie Photos

It doesn’t matter if you are serious, silly, edgy, geeky, or just plain weird – when you take your engagement photos, don’t forget to include the romance. This is a photo series all about you, your fiancée, and your love for each other. Don’t miss out on a chance to capture your true feelings on film.

3. Keep It Classy

These are photos that your entire family is going to want to see, and that you may want to show to future children or grandchildren, as well. When getting dressed and planning poses, think about what might be embarrassing in five or ten years.

4. Don’t Settle

A great picture can be ruined by a cluttered background or poor lighting, and moving locations or setting up an extra light is worth the trouble. Be aware of crowded or popular areas, as you may end up with an uninvited guest or two in your photo.

5. Keep It Simple

The hardest part of the wedding process is keeping yourself from becoming your own worst enemy, so take this chance to practice going with the flow. If you overthink your engagement photos, they will come off as fake, and visible stress is a great way to make an otherwise-decent photo into a mess.

6. Don’t Worry About Your Looks

If you spend your entire photo shoot trying to look flawless, your pictures are guaranteed to come out looking awkward and strained. Photographers take hundreds of photos during a shoot for this very reason – yes, there is going to be a picture of you making that face, but there will also be photos of you both looking natural and gorgeous and absolutely in love, which is the whole goal.

7. Enjoy Yourself

The best photo shoots are the ones where everyone has fun. If you are stressed out, it will show, and it will probably reflect on your fiancée, too. Remember the reason behind all this effort – you and the love of your life are getting married, and you’re there to tell the world.