Fun & Funky Wedding Car Decoration Ideas


There are plenty of traditional ways to decorate a wedding car. However, if you know the couple getting hitched has a good sense of humor and appreciate unusual things, it may be a bit more challenging to decorate their wedding car appropriately.


These are a little out of the ordinary wedding car decorations, just like the couple getting married.


1. Artwork

Using window markers or other water-based media, write funny sayings on the car’s windows. Include the couple’s pet names for each other and inside jokes. You can refer to the new husband having a brand new “ball and chain”.

And you can use perennially apt phrases for describing the wedding night (but do keep it clean).

You can also write some funny wedding wishes.

This kind of decorating can get you into trouble with the wrong sort of couple, so use only when you’re sure it’s all right.


2. Post-It Interior Wedding Car Decorations

After you’ve decorated the outside of the car and you’re still itching for more wedding car decoration ideas, how about plastering the inside of the car with post-it notes? It’s a labor of love that you will need help completing, but the effect is definitely worth it. Have friends and family write messages, “wedding night instructions”, to-do lists and other truisms and advice.

When the couple gets in the car, they’ll have messages from all the people who love them, wishing them well in the start of their life together.


3. Decorating With A Theme

If your friends are having a themed wedding, you can tie the wedding car decoration ideas in with their wedding. If they’re having a pirate-themed wedding, decorate the car with fake parrots, a Jolly Roger on the antenna and pirate-themed well-wishes for the new couple on the windows. Other themes work just as well. You can check them here: The Most Trendy Wedding Themes

All you have to do is get creative!


4. Toys, Stuffed Animals & Stuff

This is another of the interior wedding car decoration ideas. Get a lot of little brides and groom stuffed animals (and maybe some really big ones), some small toys and other decorations to stuff inside the car.  If the couple has animal-themed pet names for one another, “kitten”, “puppy” or the like, focus on filling the car with those kinds of stuffed animals.

5. Floral Elegance

If your friends are getting married in a nice venue or someplace where a lot of frivolities and a few lewd innuendos would not go over well, it may be time to break out the flowers. As far as wedding car decoration ideas go, you could do worse than flowers. Especially if you take the time to have them personalized for the couple.


6. The Stand-Out Approach

Christmas lights can be rigged up to run from the car’s electrical system and give you a new medium for decorating the wedding car. You can spell out “Just Married”, “Bride” and “Groom” or simply make the car noticeable, wherever it goes.