What You Need To Know About Long Distance Wedding Planning


Planning a wedding remotely can feel a bit like walking a high wire across the Grand Canyon: one false move in either direction can send everything right over the edge and into the yawning canyon below. However, long distance wedding planning is possible, and may actually be less stressful than planning a wedding nearby. Here are some tips to help you plan effectively with as few problems as possible.

1. Make “Here” & “There” Lists

The first step to making the best long distance wedding planning choices is making lists of what you can do from your home, and what needs to be handled at the destination. Take care of as many things as possible from your home; your dress, invitations, favors and accessories should all be handled as close to home as you can. For your florist, send pictures of your ideal flower arrangements; for stylists, you might need to take a weekend trip to your destination for your trial runs. Email is an excellent form of communication with vendors at your destination. You’ll have a record of your interactions and can send relevant pictures and information quickly and easily.


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