Questions To Ask Potential Wedding Photographer


After your initial search for a wedding photographer, you will probably be left with a handful that fit your overall requirements. In order to find the right choice from this pool of potential photographers, you’ll need to go a little more in depth regarding your specific requirements. Among the most important considerations for making your final choice is your level of comfort with them. This is extremely important and is second only to the photographer’s skill. Aside from your personal comfort with a specific photographer, you should also ask some pertinent questions to make your final choice.

1. Do You Specialize in a Specific Style?

If a specific style is important to you, you should make sure the wedding photographer you’re considering is comfortable with that style. If you’re interested in candid shots rather than portraits, for example, you need to ensure the photographer you hire is able to get those shots.

2. Do You Retouch Photos?

There are many tools available to photographers today that can serve to improve their work greatly. It’s important to know whether or not your wedding photographer will be relying on these methods, or if they use more traditional methods to ensure the perfect shot. Some photographers use retouching on all of their photos, and some only use it for certain photos.  If your photographer will be retouching your photos, be sure to find out whether you will see proofs before or after they’ve been unretouched photos.

3. How Much Experience Do You Have?

This is an important consideration because a wedding photographer who hasn’t shot many weddings may not have the ability to get the shots you want in the event that things don’t go exactly as planned. Working under pressure is a skill that is learned through experience; a wedding photographer with little experience may not be able to anticipate changes and still get good shots. While you’re on the subject of experience, you might also want to find out which season is the photographer’s favorite, as well as which part of the wedding they most enjoy shooting.

4. Do You Use Both Film & Digital Formats?

Digital formats are very popular, but the film is currently enjoying a comeback.  If you’d like your photographer to work in both formats, make sure they have the right experience to use both. The film is much different than digital formats; your photographer will need the right skills to use both. If shooting in film is important to you, it might also be a good idea to find out if the wedding photographer can work in black and white as well as color.

5. What’s Included When I Buy A Package?

When deciding on a wedding photographer, it’s important to know exactly what is included in their package offers. Find out how many proofs are included, whether there are prints and albums in the package, and whether or not extra wedding-related photo shoots are included (engagement party, bridal shower, etc.). This is also a good time to talk about film costs, processing fees, and other incidental expenses.

6. How Much Coverage Are We Getting?

Talk with your potential wedding photographer about how much time you’re getting for the price you’re paying. Make sure you ask about overtime charges so that you can better determine when the photographer’s time should begin and end.  If you’re planning six hours of activities, and your package only includes four hours of coverage, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll have them come late, leave early, pay more for two extra hours, or choose a different package with more coverage.

7. How Much Is The Deposit/Overall Fee?

You’ll need to know how much is expected for the deposit, as well as the overall price. Your deposit will likely be due to a certain amount of time before your big day, so make sure you know when everything is due.

 Will You Be Photographing My Wedding?

Sounds like a crazy question to ask, but it’s important to know whether you’re employing a specific photographer, or if your wedding will be handled by their associate. If an associate may be taking care of your wedding, you need to look at their portfolio and meet them so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to hire them.