Rust Manor Wedding: 18 Ideas For Your Perfect Day

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Rust color – is a new trend for weddings. You will love this rich color which is so unreal and fancy but also so vintage. With the use of rust, the endless possibilities in floral and decor will help you bring this color palette to life.

A rust palette adds natural richness to a wedding with shades of copper, bit terracotta, and dark orange. Bringing this color story into your amazing wedding via decor, beautiful floral elements, and other special details will open the door to a fresh and very stylish aesthetic.


Frequently Asked Question

Is rust manor wedding a good idea?

Yes, it is! Regardless of the kind of wedding theme you’re working with, a rust manor wedding is a great idea. It is not only breathtaking but effortlessly blends elegance, charm, and beauty.

What is the most essential factor in selecting a rust-colored wedding venue?

The most important thing to look out for in a rust manor house wedding is the element of design. This is essential because you’re going by a color scheme, which must be cohesive and complement the organic setting without restricting your creativity.


Manor House Wedding In Rust Color

Rust color is the crowning jewel of a rust manor house wedding because of its throwback yet current hue. The manor gives off a retro vibe inspired by the 70s. It brings sparkle and depth to the house with orange, copper, and terracotta shades, using Decor, cake, floral arrangement, accents, and more. Think of a fresh, stylish, and hip aesthetic, and you get rust color. For the perfect manor wedding decor, combine rust with glacier blue, teal, neutrals, and yellow. You can even throw in dots of pink as a complementary color.



Wedding Signs With Floral Decor In Rust Color

Thinking of how to introduce rust floral decor to your wedding signs? Work with a trendy color block of either rust wood and blended floral additions or black and brown woodwork rust florals. Opt for rosy, blush, and orange blooms mixed with grasses and dried flowers. This will bring together a string boho vibe. You can also create a floral backdrop or chair decor with pampas, hydrangeas, greenery, and twigs to create a more vivid impression.



The Pros And Cons Of Rust Manor Wedding

Hosting a rust manor wedding is Dreamy because you’re cocooned in coziness and surrounded by richness. However, it’s not all peaches and roses because there are downsides, which we’ll see.

  • It’s an intimate and personal experience because the venue and color scheme speaks to you. You’re surrounded by depth and vibrancy.
  • Having a rust manor house wedding brings personalization. You have total control over everything, from the decor to dimensions, floral elements, and more.
  • It’s also a whole new experience for your guests, especially those who have attended only outdoor weddings in their lives. Taking a journey back to the 70s with all the associated beauty, romance, and elements is an experience they won’t forget.


  • The rust manor house wedding cost is not cheap, and logistics would be costly. You may have to bring in your decor, to match your wedding theme.
  • Location, accessibility, and parking might be an issue for the guests.
  • The manor may not take everyone on your guest list due to a lack of room.



Rust Wedding Decor For Chairs

Chair decor can give your manor a whole face-lift. However, the watchword is subtle because you have all these deep colors around you already. Create barnyard vibes with rust wooden decor spotting some rust-colored florals. Drape this wood over the back of the chair and you have your rust decor.

You can also drape custom rust color wool fabric over the chairs, especially during winter and autumn weddings. For the couple’s chair, opt for a vintage rust-colored ampersand surrounded by blooms and greenery to decorate. You can also adhere rust signage to the back of chairs or attach blooms to silk rust ribbons for your chair decor.



Wedding Centerpieces In Rust Color

Wedding Centerpieces in rust colors are perfect for bohemian, woodland, garden, vintage, and rustic weddings. Incorporating rust color into your wedding Centerpieces is quite easy, especially when you start with florals. Choose rust centerpieces in monochromatic blooms like dusty pink, orange, deep red, and burgundy tones. Pair them with dried florals and grasses.

Then bring in mismatched vases in these tones and of varying heights to pair with white candles and rust lines. This setting will make your table cooler and bolder. But don’t overdo it because the color could get overwhelming. So soften with greens, touches of white, and neutrals.


Rust is one of the most popular and trendiest colors in 2022 both at real weddings and bridal shoots. The shades are magnificent and easy to implement in the wedding decor. The reason for this trend is that couples are adopting the mid-century and bohemian wedding theme right now. Rust is an organic, earthy, and warm color that makes your venue welcoming. It’s also versatile and can pair with many colors.

Rust works in a monochromatic color scheme like black, orange, and burgundy if you want a dramatic palette. However, the addition of blush and orange would create a tender and romantic venue. If you want contrasting colors that stand out, teal, navy, and deep blue work perfectly with rust. Yet for serenity, pair neutrals, pastels, or white with rust.

A rust manor wedding is one of the most romantic and creative events that you could experience. It is trendy, timeless, and elegant. We have curated different ideas and ways to incorporate rust color in your manor wedding. Not also forgetting the pros and cons, you’ll learn what works without going in blindly. Let this post inspire you to create the wedding of your dreams.