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30 Cozy Rustic Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas


Backyard weddings are getting more and more popular because they are adorably cute, cozy and won’t require a big budget.The best part of having backyard wedding is that you can personalize it without any restrictions. We collected a whole bunch of rustic backyard wedding decoration ideas that can inspire you to create your own one. Check out our gallery and be inspired!

Photo 1-3: Sweet Rustic Dessert Table Decor

Source: Sandy and Odysseas, chloeleephoto via Instagram, Lauren Fair Photography


Photo 4-6: Using Old Doors In Yard Wedding Decor

Source: Sarah Schulte, Peacock Photography, April Violet Photography


Photo 7-9: Great Backyard Ladder Decor Ideas

Source: Rebecca Douglas Photography, Anushé Low, Joyful Weddings And Events


Photo 10-12: Rustic Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas For Ceremony

Source: Swoon by Katie, Flower Allie, Jenna Walker Photography


Photo 13-15: Amazing Ideas For Wedding Ceremony

Source: Sharon Litchfield Photography, Colagrossis, Clayton Austin

Photo 16-18: Cozy Rusric Backyard Reception

Source: Bryan N. Miller Photography, Josh Gruetzmacher Photography, Steve Cowell


Photo 19-21: Beautiful Wedding Table Decor

Source: Kaysha Weiner, The Enchanted Florist, Lucy Davenport

Photo 22-24: Cute Rustic Chairs Decor For Newlyweds

Source: Clayton Austin, Bryan N. Miller Photography, Rachel Solomon Photography


Photo 25-27: Lovely Rustic Escort Card Display Ideas

Source: Rebekah Westover, The Nichols via InstagramHunter Ryan Photo

Photo 28-30: Divine Flower Arrangement Ideas

Source: projetonoivaemadrinha via Instagram, Midwest Living via Instagram, Hochzeitslocation via Instagram