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30 Top Spring Wedding Decor Ideas


Spring, nature, blooming trees, animal world wakes up. Many couples are decided to create a family in the spring. It is the best time to celebrate love. When you try to imagine a spring wedding decor, first of all you see a lot of flowers. Flowers in the aisle, on the tables and, of course, on the wedding cake. Today we have prepared 30 inspirational ideas for decorating your spring wedding.



Photo 1-3: Perfect Spring Wedding Aisle

Source: Valorie Darling PhotographyLin and Jirsa Studios, annaperevertaylo via Instagram


Photo 4-6: Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

Source: belaya.lena via Instagrambeigeweddings via InstagramBird on the Wall Photography


Photo 7-9: Trendy Tall Centerpieces For Spring Wedding

Source: Caroline Ross Photographyannaperevertaylo via InstagramManda Weaver Photography


Photo 10-12: Spring Wedding Table Decor

Source: 5ive15ifteen via InstagramLisa Kathan Photographybeigeweddings via Instagram

Photo 13-15: Fresh Spring Greenery Wedding Decor

Source: laurenkurc via InstagramShoebox PhotographyNichols Photographers


Photo 16-18: Spring Floral Installation Wedding Decor

Source: annaperevertaylo via Instagramannaperevertaylo via InstagramLauren Kinsey

Photo 19-21: Hanging Flowers Wedding Decor

Source: Manda Weaver Photographytecpetaja via Instagram, The Ganeys


Photo 22-24: Spring Wedding Decor: Beautiful Tulips

Source: Lisa BerryBrooke Holmtheedgeswed via Instagram

Photo 25-27: Charming Garden Wedding Ceremony Decor

Source: Julie WilhiteOak & Myrrh PhotographyJulie Paisley Associates


Photo 28-30: Vintage Wedding Decor With Flowers

Source: baxterandted via Instagramnickwphotography via Instagramimogenxiana via Instagram

Main Photo: Caramel Studio