10 Wedding Guests Horror Stories That Will Make You Shudder


Weddings are truly supposed to be fun, but we’ve come across lots of wedding guest horror stories. These stories leave us cold, sometimes shocked, and other times in fits of laughter. With the whole stress of wedding planning, one wouldn’t envisage a wedding horror, but they happen.

From the selfish aunt to the insensitive bridesmaid, destination wedding poop prank, and down to brides behaving badly. We’ve seen it all and ask, do these people feel comfortable causing chaos at weddings? We’ve also come to the realization that horrible wedding stories are inevitable, and it comes with the package.

Scouting stories online, we came across many wedding stories of horror, some on the Reddit platform. The narratives come from brides, grooms and other wedding guests at the party. And we made a compilation of 10 horrible wedding stories you’ll find interesting.
Read stories of how guests ruined otherwise beautiful wedding parties below.

  1. Mother Hijacks Wedding

Mother of the bride horror stories can’t get worse than this. A bride reports that her mom offered to sponsor the wedding, and that was great news. This was until her mom took over. Everything was her choice, from the brides and bridesmaids’ dresses, down to the venue. Worst of all, only the mother’s friends were invited to the wedding. She hijacked her daughter’s wedding for herself.

Now the bride and her husband are planning to hold another wedding, without her mother.


The Half-Crazy Guest

This is one of the guest’s horror stories that left us scared. Rose attended a wedding where she was introduced to a man who came alone. He said his wife was nursing their baby. Then he asks her if she wants kids, and she says no. He places a hand on her stomach, shouting to the hearing of others. He said, “Get a man to put some semen in there. Having babies is a woman’s destiny”. Pheeewww!



Mummy Monster

So, the mother of her fiancé texts him a few hours to the wedding. She had cut her hair and styled it as the bride did. That wasn’t all, as she got to the wedding and “unintentionally” fell into the bride. This threw the bride into the lake. Suffice to say that the bride and her mother-in-law don’t speak till date.


DJ Upastages

This is one of the bad wedding stories that got us pissed. The DJ left the job he got paid to come to perform. And he paused the wedding to propose to his own girlfriend. The worst part is that he never communicated to the couple that he was going to do anything of the sort.


Cousin Horrible!

This is the bride’s wedding horror narrative. Her cousin wore all-white ensemble to her wedding, and dance with her husband all through. She later told the bride that she knew the photographer and videographer would think she was special. And keep her as the center of attention, which they did. The bride says she couldn’t watch her wedding video for months without feeling hurt.

  1. Grandma Wants Some Cake

This is one of the most hilarious wedding horror stories. The groom says while everyone was taking pictures and getting meals, his grandma cut their wedding cake and started sharing to the guests. The couple never got to know how their wedding cake looked.


Bridesmaid Stays Reaching

A narrative of the bride… Her bridesmaid attended her wedding with her fiancé. And then, she tried getting the photographer to do a quick engagement photo shoot on the bride’s bill. Well, the photographer was smart enough to laugh in her face.

  1. Fun Loving Mom

The bride’s mom was the horrible guest, says the photographer. She enlisted the DJ to help her organize a game. The bride will get blindfolded while the best men and groom circles her. Then she will grab their junks to determine which her husband is. The photographer advised the DJ not to try it if he wanted to keep his job. This is hilarious, yet very inappropriate.


Luxury Entitled Couple

Seeing an extra bill on the couple’s tab is a wedding horror by all means. This groom says a couple came in very late when everything was well exhausted. Rather than turn back and go home, they went into the hotel’s restaurant to eat. The best part, they charged it to the wedding tab.

  1. Destination Wedding Prank

This is arguably one of the worst destination wedding horror stories. It’s supposed to be hilarious, but we just can’t. Violet says her two friends were in an ongoing prank war when one went and got married. The other wanted to play the last prank as he called it. He took a hotel glass and poured water halfway. Then he went ahead to poop in it.

The plan was to drop it in front of the new couple’s room door, knock and run. But another of their friend saw him while he was pooping and vomited. This ruined the whole plan. Violet hasn’t used s hotel glass cup ever since.

The wedding guest horror stories you’ve read are enough to get couples frantic. No one wants a cloud on their bright skies. But, this is a reminder that to curtail most of these mishaps, communicate. Make sure to be on the same page with the guest. Also, put measures in place to minimize the antics of scheming guests. Make sure to enjoy your day.