5 Terrible Things To Expect From Wedding Guests


There are typically one or two wedding guests that every couple worries about on the wedding day. They may be friends, family or co-workers but a wedding isn’t a wedding without one or two bloopers or embarrassments caused by a guest.

Take a look at this list of some of the terrible things to expect from wedding guests and you can prepare for them ahead of time.

1. Openly Criticize Everything

Some guests aren’t as tactful as the event they are attending and find the need to critique every element of a wedding. Guests have been heard criticizing the food choice, display and taste while around other guests. Many times they make these comments in close proximity of the couple and they can hear it. Don’t allow this to dampen your spirits on this day but most importantly and don’t respond to the negativity. Chances are, anyone who behaves this way isn’t someone you will want or need to associate with following the ceremony.

2. Wear White Inappropriately

Weddings offer an opportunity for many people to dress up and look elegant. However, there are many brides who have experienced the one guest that insisted on wearing white attire that could easily be mistaken for bridal wear. Wearing the color white, not so bad but dressing like a bad, pretty bad.

3. Show Up Without RSVP’ing

Couples request that guest RSVP for a reason but there will always be at least one or two that choose to show up without doing so. There are several things that rely on the final count of those who have shown the courtesy of RSVP’ing. Amount of seating, food and the list goes on is contingent on a proper headcount. It may help to send out reminders to those who haven’t RSVP’d and mention this is the final reminder.

4. The Drunken Guests

There are some people who simply can’t consume any amount of alcohol without becoming drunk, while others simply don’t know when to quit. There will likely be a couple of these at your wedding and they can easily cause a bit of a distraction to the ceremony. Keep in mind that people could get injured, decorations could be destroyed and the moment could be ruined if someone gets out of control drunk. If an open bar is available, have a responsible attendant to restrict alcohol to anyone who has consumed more than enough.

5. Post Your Wedding Photos On Social Networks

There are many brides or couples who prefer not to have their wedding pictures shared before they do so. In some cases, there may be guests attending the reception who didn’t attend the wedding and seeing the dress would be a surprise. It’s not the end of the world but sharing of wedding day pics is something some brides and grooms wish to do themselves before others do so.