Top Wedding Photography Questions Answered


Certainly having that dream wedding means that this is the first time you are being married in a wedding ceremony. This implies that there are certain things that you are not sure about. The sad part is the fact that you cannot risk anything as you want to make your wedding be the best ever. We try to answer some of your top wedding photography questions right here.

1. Do We Need Both Wedding Photography & Videography?

Having a memory of your wedding is very important as you will have something to show out to your kids and the rest of your family. It is for this reason that you should hire a snapper to ensure that these beautiful memories are stored on paper. In terms of hiring a videographer, this depends on the kind of budget that you have planned for. If you are financially equipped then this will be of importance to your wedding.

2. How & Where Can We Look For Good Wedding Photographers?

Certainly, this is a daunting task for those that have never had a wedding before. Nevertheless, finding one is very simple. Simply start your search by asking your friends and family for recommendations. Probably one of them attended another wedding where the shooters or photographers were excellent. You can get their contacts and later sample out some of the pictures that they have taken of other weddings. This will give you a sneak peek of what to expect in case you hire them. Moreover, there are online sites where shooters display their skills on their pages. Use this as a means to get to the best shooters out there.

3. Should The Photographer & Videographer Know Each Other?

Well, this is not a must. The only thing that you should confirm is that they both have good records. After all, one is taking the video of your wedding while the other is concentrating on taking pictures. It could be of great advantage if they work together since they know the best shots to take but this should not bother you as such. Just look for individuals with professional qualifications in this field.

4. Does Personality Matter When It Comes To Hiring Wedding Photographer?

Yes, personality is a big deal that you should be concerned about. The people you hire should be friendly as this will ensure that they get the most genuine pictures from your visitors. The last thing that you want is shooters that will make your wedding a nightmare. It is worth pointing out that there are those that would want to get to know you better for better shooting results. Please ensure that you get to know them better before hiring them.

5. Should We Get Worried If The Photographer Uses Too Many Effects?

Depending on the photographer that you hire they should work to ensure that your pictures are excellent in every angle. The use of effects is not a bad thing as this creates uniqueness in every scene that they decide to take. However, ensure that they know what they are doing by first going through past wedding photos that they have taken. Note that photographs normally take 6-8 weeks before they are released. If the shooters promise pictures within a very short time then you should be worried. Make sure that they spend the right amount of time in proofing your photos to avoid mistakes.

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