7 Tips For A Unique Wedding Hashtag


Today is the day that you learn all things necessary for creating the wedding hashtag of all time! Every bride wants her wedding day to be extra special and one way to guarantee that it stands out is by giving it a stamp of its own. This is exactly what couples achieve with the hashtag creation. Wedding researchers have found that more than half of weddings held are now identifying themselves with more than a pound sign but it’s what follows that gets your wedding trending. Follow these tips to design a hashtag that is sure to be successful on your wedding day.

Tip 1. All In The names

Basic is sometimes best and in the case of wedding hashtags, it’s a great start. Begin by using first, last and nicknames. Consider the adorable couple name friends gave you when you first started dating that won’t seem to go away. This could be the perfect time to hashtag it and make it work for you. This is a name that most guests can easily remember and are more likely to tweet or Instagram it per your request.


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