Wedding Planning Tips From Wedding Planners


While planning your wedding, you’ll be getting a lot of advice about what’s hot at weddings this season, but you may not get information you really need. You might hear that purple is causing a stir again, or that mermaid themes are making the rounds, but there are some essential wedding planning tips you may never hear if you’re not lucky. Here are some of the best tips you’ll ever read for keeping everything under control on your big day.


1. Guest List First

Before you can start planning your wedding, you have to figure out how many guests you’ll have. Once you know this, you can determine what size venue you’ll need, how much cake you’ll have to order and much, much more. Wedding planning tips like this one can save you a lot of time and hassle later.


2. Check Availability

When you choose your date, make sure you know about any other events on the same day that might interfere with your plans. If your wedding falls on the same day as a big event that draws a lot of attention and visitors, you may find yourself without adequate hotel space for your guests, a lack of available vendors and other scheduled conflicts.


3. Consult the Almanac

Consulting an almanac is one of the best wedding planning tips for any bride. Plan your wedding for a time when it’s typically neither too hot, nor too cold. Guests are less likely to linger if your wedding is marked by extreme temperatures. If you will be having your wedding on a very hot or very cold day, make sure you take adequate precautions to ensure the comfort of your guests. Bugs may cause problems, too, so it’s important to know what you need to plan for on your big day. If your ceremony relies on a specific time of day, such as sunset, ensure that you know exactly what time that will occur on your wedding day, and plan accordingly.


4. Build Your Credit Rewards

If you’re planning a big wedding, it might be a good time to check into a credit card with rewards. Credit card reward programs can help you earn airline miles, deals on shopping and other perks. By making your wedding purchases on a single card, you’ll also be able to easily track how much you’re spending on your big day, while also building rewards you can redeem for your honeymoon or other expenses.


5. Get Organized

The most important of all wedding planning tips: make an effort to get organized.  With proper organization, planning a wedding is much easier than trying to remember everything and keep it all straight in your head. Whatever you need to do to become more organized, from using online tools to carrying a day planner, it’s one of the most important things you can do for your big day.