Wedding Reception Games, Ideas and Activities


Once you’re through with the vows and you’re at the reception, there’s going to be a lot going on.  You’re going to be very busy, just being newly married, plus there will be pictures to pose for, family to chat with and a million other things to claim your attention. You’re not going to have a lot of time to be worried about whether your guests are having a good time at your reception, so when you’re planning your wedding, reception games should be part of that process. Not only will great wedding reception games keep your guests entertained, they’ll also serve to alleviate some of your wedding stress and make your wedding unforgettable.

1. Planning the Reception

There are several things you can do to make your wedding reception a bright and vibrant experience for your guests. More than wedding reception games, your guests will get a kick out of creative décor and other fun touches such as live music or a DJ. Your guests will enjoy themselves more in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with good décor and fun games, than in one where everyone is sitting quietly and chatting with those at their tables.

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2. Photo Booths – Alternatives & Options

The whole point of a photo booth at your reception is to capture your guests having a good time. Getting them to interact instead of just taking solitary pictures can be a challenge, though. One of the best options is to provide small whiteboards or chalkboards and have your guests write down their most sage advice on married life to have in the picture with them. While they’re waiting for the booth and writing out their advice, conversations will surely spring up about various experiences and other tales. Not only will your guests have an outstanding time, you’ll have a lot of great advice for keeping your marriage happy.

3. Options for Wedding Reception Games

Wedding receptions tend to be a great place for interactive and cooperative games because guests are typically in a jovial mood and not afraid of meeting a few new people. Some of the most popular wedding reception games include classics like I-Spy and Mad Libs, as well as wedding-themed scavenger hunts. Other choices might include games like Jenga. Game booklets are also an option; making a booklet with a query for each table gives your guests the opportunity to impart some wisdom about subjects like date nights and anniversary celebrations. Just make sure each table has a different question and that there are enough pens to go around.

4. No Worries

No matter how you style your reception, keeping your guests happy and entertained is of utmost importance to relieve some of your stress and give you fewer things to worry about. From creative wedding reception games to helpful activities, giving your guests a good time to remember will make your wedding a hit.