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30 Beautiful Wedding Receptions To Impress Your Guests


Perhaps the first thing that is very interesting for many brides after selecting an engagement ring and wedding dress – the wedding receptions ideas. Beautiful pictures are loaded in huge quantities, the wedding is approaching, but the choice is still not done. Indeed, it’s difficult.


Let’s look at some details of the wedding receptions, which seem the most interesting for us.


Photo 1-3: The Rustic Wedding Reception

Source: Daren Chong PhotographyJose Villa, Marisa Holmes


Photo 4-6: Colorful Reception Ideas On The Wedding

Source: Gideon PhotoStudio EMP, Armor And Martel Photography


Photo 7-9: Vintage Wedding Reception Ideas

Source: This Modern Romance, Kate Gray Photography, Allyson Jessup Photography


Photo 16-18: Honeycomb Balls As Reception Décor

Source: Steven Stauffer Photography, shindigeventstyl via Instagram, Cameron Ingalls Photography

Photo 19-21: Decorate Reception With Neon Letters

Source: Sayher Heffernan, Rachel Havel, Rebekah Jackson Photography


Photo 22-24: Reception That Covered With Lush Flowers

Source:  HUDSON NICHOLS PHOTOGRAPHY, Qlix PhotographyA Sea Of Love

Photo 25-27: The Weightless Snow-White Tulle For Your Wedding Reception

Source: utterlyengaged via Instagram, ONELOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, hongphotography via Instagram


Photo 28-30: Wedding Reception Décor With Big Balloons

Source: VICTORIA DAWEANN KATHRIN KOCH, Faye Cornhill Photography

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