Making all of your wedding arrangement can take months, sometimes more than a year. Deciding on the dress, the venue, the flowers, the colors, the theme… it can all become a little overwhelming. One part of the planning that’s always fun is deciding on the reception, bachelor, bachelorette, and engagement party games. There’s a lot to consider, so you do have to plan accordingly. You’ll need games for kids, games for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, games for adults, games for older friends and family, and games that offer a little bit of everything for everyone.

You’ll also have to plan a variety of styles of games to keep everybody entertained. Games for engagement party needs to keep people moving. You’ll need a variety of table games and games that will keep you physically active.

Regardless of if you are sitting, standing, dancing, or jumping, the best wedding shower games involve the couple. The classic “Newlywed Game” is the perfect example. Party goers are asked trivia questions designed to learn which couple knows each other best. These can be questions about your favorite dish, where you first met, what high school you went to, or any small detail that proves you pay attention to each other. There are many games like this each with the perfect time and place to indulge.

First, check the infographic on how to plan an engagement party


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