The way to do weddings has changed dramatically over the years and many of these changes has forced an increase in cost. Couples are moving away from the traditional wedding planning by incorporating more trendy ideas into their nuptials. These savvy incorporations could lead to higher cost but we have perfect ideas to help you save on wedding expenses by saying “I Don’t’” to some things.

1. Ceremony Programs- $110+

Although it is quite natural that you’d want people to know the order of service at your ceremony, formal ceremony programs can be somewhat overrated. Almost anyone who has ever attended a wedding knows exactly what to expect. Therefore, this is a wedding expense that can be avoided. A simply unique idea such as listing the order of ceremony on a chalkboard ($20 at Craft Store, Cosco) or an enlarged scroll added to the entrance is also a savvy touch. You may have friends and family that specialize in creative printing. Enlist their services for your ceremony programs at a fraction of the cost.


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