There are many type of brides in the world of weddings but what kind best describes you? This is a question that many brides joke about before they actually become engaged. The television shows make it easy to view others as a horrible, corny, obsessive or outright mean bride but is it possible that you’ve turned into a bridezilla. We’ve gathered a few descriptions of the most common bride types for you to see which bet fits your personality. Don’t worry, you’re entitled to be a little cranky, cra-cra, overbearing and downright rude in some instances but is it true? Are you the bridezilla that you vowed not to become? Which of the bride types are you?

1. Bride With A Budget

This is the bride that designs her wedding based on cost alone. In most cases, if the cost is good, it looks good to this bride. The internet is her wedding planner and every inspiration comes from Pinterest’s DIY boards. Invitations are done at home or by a friend, decorations are put together from either the clearance aisle or a discount online store. Surprisingly enough, the dress is probably from a consignment shop or bought online. She cuts every corner in order to save but wants a wedding fit for a queen.

Most likely to: Serve a pull-apart wedding cake.


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