Wedding games are a must for any wedding reception! It’s the best way to make sure that everyone stays active and engaged with the party. Simple wedding games are a great way to keep the party going, and a convenient way to break the ice for guests that haven’t met before. They’re also a great way to keep the kids occupied. Dancing isn’t for everyone, and some well organized games peppered throughout the night is a surefire way to make sure that everyone has a little fun.

When planning your wedding reception games make sure to offer a variety of fun for all of the sitters, standers, and dancers. This will include a combination of table games, outdoor activities, a photo booth, and tons of music.

1. Coloring Books As A Relax Wedding Games

Some bridal shower games should be specifically arranged to keep the kids entertained. Many children are okay to dance the night away, but most of them will need a space to sit down and chill. Focusing on coloring this year’s hottest super hero or most popular animated princess will keep kids calm and concentrated.

Some parents will want to take a breather from time to time or may want to spend a little time with their kids, and there’s no reason not to allow them to get involved. Coloring books specifically designed for adults are growing in popularity at an impressive rate. It’s hard to meet a person who doesn’t already have one of these intricate mindfulness coloring books.

One theme that will span all ages and tastes is something that you make. A little photoshop and nice paper can do wonders. Personalized coloring books take a little time to put together but oh so worth it. Perfect additions to your wedding favors are hand-crafted coloring books featuring photos of your friends and family.


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