Wedding monogram is a perfect way to personalize your big day in many ways. You could accentuate zones with initials: centerpiece, reception and dessert bar. Monogram looks stunning in chair and table decoration. See our photo collection to get some inspiration!

Photo 1-3: Bright Wedding Decor With Monograms

Source: The Vault, Aaron Delesie, YOU’RE INVITED via Instagram

Photo 4-6: Calligraphic Monogram Decor For The Wedding Halls

Source: Bob & Dawn Davis Photography, Aaron Delesie, Amanda Sudimack

Photo 7-9: Amazing Way To Use Wedding Monogram

Source: Pasha Belman, Mon Amour Events via Instagram, Mary Rosenbaum Photographs via Instagram

Photo 10-12: Charming Wedding Cakes With Monogram

Source: Larissa Joice Photography via Instagram, Chloe Giancola Photography, Robert Evans Studios

Photo 13-15: Monograms On Wedding Tablecloths

Source: Rebecca Keeling Studios, Photo by lunaphoto, Kelly Hornberger

Photo 16-18: Delicate Wedding Napkins With Monograms

Source: The Loveliest via Instagram, Christian Oth StudioKT Merry Photography

Photo 19-21: Wedding Bouquet Decorated With Monogrammed Ribbons

Source: Liz Banfield & Adrienne Page, Clary Photo, Set Free Photography

Photo 22-24: Monograms On Wedding Invitations

Source: Louise Sinclair, Holly Usher via Instagram, Wonderland Invites & Design via Instagram

Photo 25-27: Cushions With Monograms In Wedding Decor

Source: Sassy Biscuit Monograms & More via Instagram, Samantha Anderson Events via Instagram, Erin Wilson via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Lovely Black And White Small Cakes

Source: via Instagram, Jessica Lewis Photography, Sassy Biscuit Monograms & More via Instagram