How To Have Glamorous Wedding On A Shoestring Budget


Weddings that look elegant and glamorous usually carry a price tag that puts them out of reach of most brides. If you’ve ever wanted to have one of those weddings that look like it cost a million bucks, but you don’t have a million extra bucks lying around, there is hope! Try some of these tips to create your dream wedding on a budget.

1. Forego The Paper

One thing that’s sure to give your wedding a less-than-glamorous feel are paper table covers. In many areas, you can rent very nice linens for your wedding for a fraction of the cost of buying, plus they give your wedding a polished feel without breaking the bank. For an elegant wedding on a budget, avoid paper tablecloths.

2. Elegance In Simplicity

As a bride trying to put together a wonderful wedding on a budget, keep in mind that elegance and taste are both easily achieved through simplicity. The simplicity of design is an excellent ploy for having an expensive-looking, tasteful wedding without having to spend a lot of money. If your goal is to have an elegant wedding that is cheap, without looking cheap, simplicity is definitely the way to go.

3. Avoiding Childish Decorations

While paper streamers and balloons are fine for kids’ birthday parties, they will definitely make your wedding look cheap. There are lots of great, tasteful, low-cost options for decorating; just take a look at Pinterest to get some elegant ideas for your wedding decorations, and avoid the “birthday party” method of wedding decorating.

4. Creating Elegance With Candlelight

Often, candlelight is employed in lavish weddings to give a soft, ethereal ambiance. For a wedding on a budget, candlelight can be a real life-saver that imbues your ceremony with elegance and soft light. Candles can be purchased fairly cheaply and can be used in both your wedding ceremony, and your reception. In simple arrangements, candles can provide low-cost, beautiful decorations and lighting.

5. Elegant Napkins

One great way to give your reception a touch of elegance is to have your tables graced with elaborately-folded napkins. Learning to do an elaborate napkin fold is as easy as watching a few YouTube videos. Cloth napkins can be found at prices that are very economical; you may even be able to find them at your local dollar store.

6. Working With Mirrors

Adding small, shaped mirrors to your reception tables is an excellent way to add a touch of class to your wedding. On a budget, it can be tough to figure out which decorations give you the most bang for your buck, but you really can’t go wrong with mirrors. This is especially true if you have candlelight on your reception tables; mirrors add dimension and offer an outstanding medium for displaying your creativity at your reception.


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