10 Hot Spring Wedding Trends


Keeping up with the hottest spring wedding trends is as easy as incorporating bright pastels, metallic accents and a towering wedding cake. There’s a lot to be said for this spring’s hot trends, and most of it starts with “Wow!” Stunning brides this season are sporting bold brows, bright pastel nails, vivid colors and more.

1. Boldly Browed

Shaping your brows can provide a transformation of your features. Fabulous bold brows are the hottest of the spring wedding trends and rely on you knowing when to stop plucking!  Over-plucked brows are thin and skimpy, but perfectly plucked brows can provide a striking frame for your eyes on your big day. If you’ve already crossed the line and your eyebrows are looking a little more sad than bold, try helping them out with a little brow pencil. Try to stick with a shade that is fairly close to your hair color and pair your perfectly touched-up brows with a natural, pale pink lipstick for the most stunningly natural bridal glow.


2. Softly Coloured

While we’re looking at bold brows, don’t forget to impart some soft intensity to your planned manicure. Your big day is worth a bling of pretty pastel on your fingertips.  Brighter pastels like peach and lavender are taking spring wedding trends by storm, so don’t be the last bride with a French manicure and no color.


3. Seasonally Beautiful

There’s no better season than spring to bring out all the pastel colors. Soft pinks, buttery yellows, baby blues and lightest lavender can be found in abundance during spring’s riotous blossoming. They’re great paired with metallic accents (rose gold and copper are exceptionally gorgeous) for a truly luxurious feel, or accented with gray, taupe or beige to keep everything from looking a little too much like an Easter basket. With pastels, there’s plenty of room for multiple colors, so try keeping your bridesmaids beautiful with variations of the same shade, or with dresses in a range of pastel colors, all of the same style.  You can also stage various parts of your wedding with different pastels, with something bright and cheery for the reception, and something a little more muted for the ceremony. One of the most popular spring wedding trends for color is marsala (Color of the Year, by Pantone). It’s a wine-like color with rich undertones; it looks absolutely breathtaking paired with an icy blue to soften its impact.

Another great thing about spring weddings is that you can create wonderful centrepieces and wedding flowers with beautiful and abundant spring greens and blossoms. You don’t have to use expensive hothouse flowers; spring blossoms will give you wonderful flowers and outstanding value.


4. Gently Transformed

One of the absolute hottest spring wedding trends for this year is the two-in-one dress.  Wedding dress designers have come up with a way to allow you to have two dresses on your big day, with removable skirts that were all the rage at Bridal Fashion Week. These dresses immediately became a must-have for every fashion-conscious bride. Not only can you look amazing when you walk down the aisle, you can also be ready to party down at the reception, while still looking absolutely fabulous.


5. Cheerily Tall

The return of the tiered wedding cake is one of the hottest topics of conversation among bridal consultants this spring. It’s very much back in vogue to have a wedding cake of multiple tiers and columns to help it grow even taller. Elegance and bold beauty combine in these sugary creations to give you the perfect, and perfectly sinful, wedding cake of your dreams.

6. Delectably Delicious

No spring reception would be complete without delectable eats. Especially if you’re not keen on having a sit-down dinner at your reception, you might consider some of the exciting new twists on food stations. For example, you might have a full meal is served on small plates passed out by servers.  Your choices could include light tidbits and heavy hors d’oeuvres, followed by something small and sweet. You don’t need formal tables, and guests will feel more inclined to mingle with other guests throughout the reception. This frees you from having to make seating arrangements while still having everyone eating, drinking and talking.


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