10 Hot Spring Wedding Trends


Keeping up with the hottest spring wedding trends is as easy as incorporating bright pastels, metallic accents and a towering wedding cake. There’s a lot to be said for this spring’s hot trends, and most of it starts with “Wow!” Stunning brides this season are sporting bold brows, bright pastel nails, vivid colors and more.

1. Boldly Browed

Shaping your brows can provide a transformation of your features. Fabulous bold brows are the hottest of the spring wedding trends and rely on you knowing when to stop plucking!  Over-plucked brows are thin and skimpy, but perfectly plucked brows can provide a striking frame for your eyes on your big day. If you’ve already crossed the line and your eyebrows are looking a little more sad than bold, try helping them out with a little brow pencil. Try to stick with a shade that is fairly close to your hair color and pair your perfectly touched-up brows with a natural, pale pink lipstick for the most stunningly natural bridal glow.


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