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Ultimate Wedding Photo Checklist For Your Album


Wedding photo checklist sounds unimportant and often times ignored. Most times, couples just go with the flow at weddings without a wedding photos list. But they end up with regrets because they missed out on lots of pictures.


Of course, the wedding photographer trained to know what gives at a wedding. The photographer will have his own wedding photography checklist as a professional. But your own wedding photo list will help you be sure to have all wedding pictures penned down. And, you don’t need to carry it around, give it to the photographer. He will merge it with his checklist to give you outstanding photos coverage.

It is your day, and you cannot leave your pictures unattended. This is one of the times when you preserve memories, so be hands on. Make that wedding group photos, college class, and dear aunt checklist now. Don’t leave out that childhood friend you’ve not seen in twenty-two years. Same with beloved granny and that awesome colleague of yours.

There are so much wedding photography ideas to choose from. It is what this post is about. Find them below, get a pen and paper, and help yourself to your best choices.

Before The Wedding Day

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If you want to understand how your photographer works, work with him before the wedding. The photos you take before the wedding day will help you determine how great the photographer is. You may not go with a strict wedding photo list, but some must have ideas should apply. This is the time to get comfortable with your wedding photographer and practice your angles. The lot of them include:

  • The engagement love-struck wedding photography list
  • The bridal shower
  • Bachelorette and bachelor event
  • Rehearsal dinner


Wedding Day: Pre-Ceremony Wedding Photo Checklist

The photos to take before the ceremony are a little much. The wedding photo checklist is a long one, but they are worth every snap. Everything that happens before the wedding are memories you should keep. It is an emotional atmosphere before the wedding. This is the time for some tears, and mother-daughter bond. The bride’s father gets ready to give his daughter away. The bride has some quiet and fun moments. This time is rife with emotional rollercoaster that your photographer should capture. The wedding photography list include;

Getting Ready

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  • Wedding invite shots
  • Hung dresses, shoes, and displayed pieces of jewelry shots
  • Bridal party relaxed and having fun
  • Shots of hair and make-up session for the bride and her girls
  • Corsages and bouquets
  • Bride’s mother placing the veil on the bride
  • Close shots of Intricate details and embellishments of wedding dress
  • Bridal party helping the bride put on her pieces of jewelry and shoes
  • Portrait of bride and mom
  • Photo of bride and dad
  • Portrait of parents with the bride
  • Close shots of the bride holding her bouquet
  • Reflective quiet moments of the bride
  • Bridal party stepping out of the house
  • The bride and her father stepping out for the ceremony
  • Shots of the groom getting ready with his groomsmen
  • Groomsmen banter
  • Close up shot of wedding rings

First Look

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This is optional for a lot of couples because as a rule, you do not see before the wedding. But the times are changing and people skip the norms. The couple could want some fresh pictures of them before they begin to sweat it out. They may also be jittery and need some strength from each other to calm nerves. Some pictures include…

  • Shots of the couple alone
  • Couple train giving the couple a standing ovation

The Trip to the Ceremony/Venue

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  • Shots of the mother and father of the bride
  • Pictures of the bridal entourage (bride, flower girls, bridesmaids, maid of honor)
  • Pictures of the groom entourage (groom, pageboy, groomsmen, best man)
  • Shots of the ceremonial car


Wedding Day: Wedding Ceremony Photo Checklist

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This is when you begin to take the best wedding photos because all moments count. The ceremony looks like a heavy task before it starts. But in a twinkle of an eye, you are all done. From walking down the aisle to saying your vow and having your first kiss. This is an emotional time and the wedding photographer needs to capture it all.

A little advice though, some churches do not allow shots during the ceremony. Run your plan by your wedding celebrant, to see if you can.

The photography list includes…

  • Photography of the interior and exterior decor of the church or venue
  • The groom and his groomsmen waiting up the aisle
  • Wedding guest pictures
  • Sharing of programs by ushers
  • The bride and bridal entourage arrival
  • The bride exiting the car
  • The entrance of the bridal party, starting with the flower girl and her petals
  • Bride’s father and bride walking up the aisle
  • Reflex reaction of the groom
  • The bride’s father gives the bride away
  • Saying of vows
  • Unity candle lighting
  • The ring bearer
  • The ring exchange
  • The readers, officiants and other participants
  • The first kiss shared
  • Snapshots of register signing
  • Shots of the couple walking down the aisle hand in hand
  • First shots as newlyweds
  • Shots when throwing the bouquet
  • Guests exchanging pleasantries
  • Loved up shots of the couple in the back of their wedding car


Wedding Day: Post-Ceremony Wedding Photo Checklist

This is the time between the end of the ceremony and beginning of the reception. At many weddings, this period is when the photographer does the most job. It is a photo session period which lasts between 30 minutes to 2 hours. The couple will take wedding pictures with all that are present. From the couple’s entourage, down to the officiant, registrars, and ushers.

The make-up artist or maid of honor and best man are on hand to do a little touch-up. This is because the couple, bride especially needs to stay fresh. The best man will also do some adjustments on the groom, his tie and all. The wedding photos list is a long one, but we will split them into sections.

This is according to the priority of the photograph. See them below.

Couple Shots

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  • Couple together portrait
  • Bride portrait
  • Groom portrait
  • The kissing couple
  • Shots of the couple sitting on the spread out wedding dress
  • Couple at special sites like ruins, wood, or beach
  • Bride and groom showing their rings
  • The couple lost in each other’s gaze

Bridal Party

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  • Bride with couple entourage
  • Groom with couple entourage
  • Couple together with their wedding party
  • Bridesmaids and maid of honor with the bride
  • Groomsmen and best man with the groom
  • Page boy and flowers girl with the couple
  • Couple with the vicar and registrars


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  • Bride with her parents
  • Bride with the groom’s parents
  • Groom with his parents
  • Groom with the bride’s parents
  • Bride with both sets of parents
  • Groom with both sets of parents
  • Couple with the bride’s parents
  • Bride and groom with groom’s parents
  • Couple with both sets of parents
  • Siblings and the couple
  • The couple and close family

Informal shots

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  • Couple with friends
  • Snaps of guests interacting, wining and dining
  • Special shots with colleagues, old classmates, teammates, college friends, etc.


Wedding Day: Wedding Reception Photo Checklist

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Away from the teary moments of walking up the aisle and saying your vows. The wedding reception is where the whole fun begins. You should have your wedding photography checklist drafted to capture everything. From the stunning wedding decor to the first dance and games. These are memories you’d always look through and smile at, so save it.

That said, lots of work will go into setting up the reception. It is a great idea to make some space for them in your wedding photos list. This is a personal way to appreciate them. Okay, let’s get down to the photo checklist. See below.

  • Interior and exterior décor of the reception venue
  • Wedding cake details close up shots
  • Floral perfection details close up shots
  • Lighting close up shots
  • Welcoming of the guests by the couple
  • Wedding guest book signing by guests
  • Guests settling in
  • Pictures of the loved up bride and groom toasting on their comfy couch
  • Wedding gifts
  • Wedding Toasts
  • Speech for best man
  • Speeches and meal session for guests
  • Speech for the bride’s father
  • Speech for groom
  • Couple first dance
  • Father-daughter dance
  • Mother son dance
  • Family and guests on the dance floor
  • Reception games
  • Cutting of wedding cake
  • Bouquet toss by the bride
  • The exit of the bride and groom from the wedding
  • Snapshots of ceremonial car

Creating a wedding photo checklist is important if you must save all important memories. Your wedding pictures are of more sentimental value to you than a lot of other things. Asides your beloved, your wedding album is the only thing left of your wedding day. A constant reminder of one of the best days of your life. So, get a great photographer who is awesome at the job. This is because taking great wedding pictures is beyond having great equipment. Build a checklist of what you want, hand it over to them, and enjoy a happy wedding day!