8 Stages Every Bride Goes Through


From the day you say “yes,” to the day you say “I do”, you’re going to be going through a lot of emotional stuff. Every stage of being a bride is precious and unique; as you’re planning your walk down the aisle, you’ll be giddy, frustrated, happy and tired.  Here’s what you can expect at every stage of being a bride.


Stage One – Giddiness

As soon as you accept the proposal from your partner, it’s time to share a huge kiss, call the family and take a selfie with the engagement ring. Your mind is probably awhirl with plans and dreams, resulting in giddy euphoria.


Stage Two – Getting Down To Planning

All right, you’re going to need to prepare properly for this task!  Start reading wedding blogs, attending bridal fairs and getting your notes together. Planning your big day takes time and effort, but it’s often thought of as the best stage of being a bride.


Stage Three – Consternation

You have a million ideas for your wedding and no idea how to make them all work together. No worries, it’s just one of the stages of being a bride!  You’ll get it sorted…eventually.


Stage Four – Inordinate Pride

Once everything starts to come together, you’re going to feel a burst of pride to eclipse anything ever felt by the planners of the last royal wedding! It’s totally normal to feel like your wedding is the next fairy tale come true.


Stage Five – Budget-Consciousness

Right about now, you’re discovering just how expensive a wedding can be. One of the worst stages of being a bride is realizing that to have your dream wedding would cost roughly the entire gross domestic product of a small nation.

Stage Six – Resenting The Lack Of Commitment

It’s your wedding; so naturally, you’re pretty stoked about planning it. However, your bridesmaids and family may not be quite as excited about making favors and performing other labor-intensive wedding tasks. If you’re feeling a little resentment because it seems you’re the only one really committed to creating your perfect wedding, step back and take a deep breath. Instead of being resentful, appreciate the help you do get and try to encourage a little extra commitment by making wedding planning fun and engaging.


Stage Seven – Battle-Scarred Veteran

Sometimes, planning your wedding can feel a bit like a war zone. Once you reach this stage of being a bride, you’ve probably been through a skirmish or two with vendors and at least one minor action involving two or more bridesmaids.

Last Stage – Making It To The Big Event

After you’ve gone through all these stages of being a bride, it’s time to walk down the aisle. This stage is the very best stage; it’s the culmination of all your hard work and planning, and the beginning of your brand new life together.

Congratulations and good luck!