Wedding Inspirations From Solange Knowles’ Wedding


As we learn more and more details about the wedding that took place between Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson, it’s hard not to be a bit envious! She didn’t stick to many of the traditional “rules” for weddings, but she broke every one with style and class and unmatched grace. She had the most gorgeous before-wedding pantsuit and three fantastic looks for her wedding day. One thing is for certain, Solange Knowles’ wedding is a great place to snag some awesome ideas for your nuptials!

1. Fancy Transportation

While you may not exactly be thrilled with the idea of arriving on bicycles like Solange and Alan did, you can still make a statement that doesn’t involve the same old boring stretch limo. Instead, choose something that fits you, like a carriage with beautiful horses, an antique car or even roller blades, if that’s your thing!

2. Pre-Wedding Pantsuit

One of the greatest things about Solange Knowles’ wedding actually happened before the wedding. Solange wore an elegant ivory pantsuit and cape, a stunning alternative to the traditional pre-wedding dress. There’s no law saying you have to be traditional before the wedding, so why not appropriate this look for yourself? Try a stunning white or ivory pantsuit or little white dress instead of more traditional pre-wedding options.

3. Change It Up

Be prepared to change clothing a time or two during the day. For Solange Knowles, wedding clothes took on a new depth as she changed throughout the day. First, there was the gorgeous pantsuit, then Solange donned a dramatic gown for her wedding ceremony; it was floor-length and incorporated the cape look from her pre-wedding outfit. After the ceremony, she changed again and danced through the streets of New Orleans by the light of sparklers. Your costume change can be an excellent way to transition between the main parts of your big day. It can be a bit more costly, but many brides consider the experience worth the expense. Donning different outfits can also mean you end up with many more great wedding photos.

4. Photo Artistry

Your wedding photos can be very artistically done so that each is a work of art in itself. Employing a talented photographer and giving some real thought to your wedding photos can result in a lot of really beautiful shots for your wedding album. At Solange Knowles’ wedding, photographer Rog Walker incorporated the style favored by contemporary Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft. If you want wedding photos like Solange’s, you’ll need to find a grand room with a palette of neutral, earth-toned colors.

5. Personalize The Music

Solange had to have had some really outstanding music at her wedding, not only because she’s a DJ, but also because Solange Knowles has a sister whose name is Beyonce. Keep all the music at your wedding personal and you’ll have a wonderful soundtrack for your big day.