wedding money wasters

5 Wedding Money Wasters To Stay Away From


A penny saved is a penny earned, right? Well, this old adage needs to be repeated often enough at weddings that go over the top trying to astound the guests. Sure, you have a right to spend freely when it comes to the most vital day of your life, but why should you succumb to the lure of the biggest wedding money wasters for nothing? Finding it difficult to distinguish between the ‘must haves’ and things that you can do without?

Money Waster #5: Customized Wedding Favours

Yes, you do need to thank your guests for attending your wedding but a simple ‘thank you’ note will do here. Why should you spend your hard earned money on candy boxes, silver bells, and other useless knickknacks? Your guests will have no use for them anyway and they will either get thrown away or simply end up gathering dust.


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