wedding money wasters

5 Wedding Money Wasters To Stay Away From


A penny saved is a penny earned, right? Well, this old adage needs to be repeated often enough at weddings that go over the top trying to astound the guests. Sure, you have a right to spend freely when it comes to the most vital day of your life, but why should you succumb to the lure of the biggest wedding money wasters for nothing? Finding it difficult to distinguish between the ‘must haves’ and things that you can do without?

Money Waster #5: Customized Wedding Favours

Yes, you do need to thank your guests for attending your wedding but a simple ‘thank you’ note will do here. Why should you spend your hard earned money on candy boxes, silver bells, and other useless knickknacks? Your guests will have no use for them anyway and they will either get thrown away or simply end up gathering dust.


Wedding Money Waster #4: Unnecessary Clothing

You are entitled to your wedding gown of course but do you really need tees and pants or shorts with the words, ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ stamped across them?  Come on, put on your thinking hat while keeping your emotions aside. How long can you continue being a bride and why do you want to announce that to the public at large. Buy yourself a honeymoon trousseau instead.


Wedding Money Waster #3: Five Tier Wedding Cake

The wedding cake will definitely be talked about, rest assured. However, opting for a huge tiered cake when you only have a limited number of guests is not going to be worth the expense. Either go in for a smaller cake or simply use two cakes, one for display and a larger plain cake that can be served to everyone.

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Wedding Money Waster #2: Mementos For Everything

The wedding industry is a clever one. It will have you buy a number of mementos like a pen stand, toasting glass or photo frame embossed with your wedding date. But how long can you really keep on looking at them and reliving your memories? You will have to get on with life once the wedding is over. So do keep your wedding photo album handy and your dress preserved for the future generations and forget the rest.


Wedding Money Waster #1: Army Of Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Ask yourself, do you REALLY need an army of bridesmaids holding on to your train as you walk slowly down the aisle? Ditto for the groomsmen too! Sure it may sound fun in the beginning but think of the additional expense of having to buy them color-coordinated clothing, feeding them through the rehearsals, and handing over bouquets and thank you gifts and you will literally see your dollars going down the drain. So, limit your expenses by getting only a few close friends and relatives to assist you on your wedding day. Relatives you have not seen for ages, high school friends living in another city and cousins once, twice or N times removed can be safely kept out of the attendant list.