5 Big Wedding Regrets & Tips For Steering Clear Of Them


Your wedding day will pass by as quick as the flash of the photographer’s camera. The months and sometimes years of imagining, planning and look books seem so minimal with the brief period of enjoyment the wedding day provides. Time management is an essential tool that helps the bride and groom truly enjoy the fullness of their wedding day. Here are winning tips that will help to deter any wedding regrets before they occur.

1. The Hesitant Invite

There is no reason to go back and forth over whether or not to send that invite. Unless there has been a major breach of friendship, send the invite. Chances are greater that you’ll regret not sending the invitation more than you will sending it out. After all, you want everyone to enjoy your beautiful day. Don’t ruin your day with hasty decisions to withhold and invite because you may regret it later.


2. Rest & Relaxation

Brides should take time during the week of the wedding to relax in the days leading up to the wedding. Don’t spend the final days of planning worrying about the little things that won’t make or break the day either way. A tired bride will not be at her best on the big day. Spa days, family gatherings and luncheons with friends can help to ease the stress caused by all of the planning.


3. Schedule Woes

Although scheduling is important, don’t let it rule the wedding day. It’s okay if things don’t begin or end as soon as they are projected to do so. Take the time to enjoy unexpected moments, smile a little and of course don’t fret over little issues of time. It’s good to have a schedule and always a good idea to try and adhere to it but don’t become overwhelmed if time isn’t on your side.


4. Speech Etiquette

Brides often think they know exactly who to thank on their wedding day and most often they do. However, to prevent forgetting to mention anyone can cause major regret after the wedding. Write down the names of those you need to thank and you’ll be glad you did. Those that are closest to you and helped to make the day a success will be pleased you thought enough to say thanks.


5. Photo Opps

Photos are the biggest and most exciting part of any wedding. They are the best way to gain treasured memories that can be enjoyed forever. Any moment you feel worth capturing, should be turned into a photographic memory. The memories will last forever with perfect pictures that can be shared with family and friends all over the world. Imagine how special your guests will feel at the opportunity to share in a photo opp with the bride and groom.

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