5 Big Wedding Regrets & Tips For Steering Clear Of Them


Your wedding day will pass by as quick as the flash of the photographer’s camera. The months and sometimes years of imagining, planning and look books seem so minimal with the brief period of enjoyment the wedding day provides. Time management is an essential tool that helps the bride and groom truly enjoy the fullness of their wedding day. Here are winning tips that will help to deter any wedding regrets before they occur.

1. The Hesitant Invite

There is no reason to go back and forth over whether or not to send that invite. Unless there has been a major breach of friendship, send the invite. Chances are greater that you’ll regret not sending the invitation more than you will sending it out. After all, you want everyone to enjoy your beautiful day. Don’t ruin your day with hasty decisions to withhold and invite because you may regret it later.


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