Wedding Splurges That Truly Make a Difference

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Most people have a budget for their wedding, to keep that spending in check. However, going over budget on some things is totally worth it. Wondering what does a splurge means? A splurge is when you spend money freely, and there are certainly some things you might not need to tighten the reigns on for your wedding.

It is natural to want to cut costs and check your spending when planning something like a wedding. However, there are just certain things you want to get right and be comfortable with. You only get one time to have the perfect wedding and the perfect wedding experience; so perhaps consider wedding splurges in some of these areas.

Wedding Splurges That Are Worth It


The venue sets the theme for the entire wedding and is the biggest aspect of your special day. You might want to upgrade from a simple hall or ballroom to a mansion or castle, or even a poolside. It will be great also to have a venue that comes with catering, a bar, decor and other extras. This will relieve some of the weight of wedding planning, plus must be a cool location to have all of that.



Consider hiring an exceptional photographer, because he will be the difference between just normal photos and videos and fabulous wedding photos and videos worthy of a second look. Splurging on wedding photography means acquiring a wedding album to go through year after year with fond thoughts and memories.


Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can be a huge lifesaver, providing a buffer between you and your family even when arranging seating charts and making professional instead of emotionally led decisions. There are a lot of details you might miss or overlook when planning on your own, which a wedding planner would catch because that is their sole purpose. So, while there is a chance of you going out of your mind when planning on your own, a wedding planner saves you all that heartache and steps in, leaving you to relax and focus on other things.


It is not worth skimping to provide your guests crappy food or catering services. These are friends and family, some who have traveled distances to show up for you. So don’t feel guilty if you decide to splurge a little in the catering area.

It is normal for catering to eat a large chunk of your budget, it usually takes the largest share even, at least 35%. So be ready to spend quite a bit in this area. And if you decide to eke out a bit more for quality food and drinks, be glad you can. The compliments from your guests afterward will be totally worth it.



In your list of things for a wedding, stationery kind of comes first. You could decide to design them in line with the theme for your wedding, which could be bohemian, classy, vintage or other. This could be a good direction in deciding the best type of wedding stationery to go with. Whether they are DIY or done professionally, the thoughts you put into your wedding stationery will help some guests decide if your wedding is a day worth missing or not. Put your best foot forward, invest in your wedding stationery.



Lighting sets the tone and sometimes can be everything. The ambiance of your venue deserves some extra attention. You can set the scene with candles and spotlights, and perhaps different lighting for the dance floor. For this, you could hire a professional to handle it, or engage one from the services of your venue.

You could incorporate 3D lighting for your walls and even your cake for some extra effects. Or, for something simpler, your lighting can be set to highlight special elements like your décor, tables, and flowers to create a magical feeling at your wedding location.


Treating Yourself While Wedding Planning

So many things have changed in wedding planning over the last decade. While Pinterest (Follow us on Pinterest) has been helping brides with wedding inspiration, wedding planning got even more stressful with many woes that did not exist 20 years ago.

You are engaged in the age of all the best bridal swag. Brides often forget to enjoy their engagement due to wedding stress and forget to treat themselves while trying to make everyone else happy.

Many Bridal Subscription Boxes have emerged that treat brides with monthly wedding themed goodies. These boxes are not only a fun surprise every month, but they also contain many items that will be useful during your wedding planning, and possibly you may not have thought of yet.

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Likely the best such subscription is Miss To Mrs Bridal Subscription Box. Not only each monthly box has its own theme, but most of their items are far superior in quality because they are designed and made just for Miss To Mrs. Their previous boxes included such awesome items like a floral kimono robe for the wedding day morning, vow books, “Just Married” car decal, full garter set, bridal hairpieces, diamond wipes, and much more fun & useful items you can use during and after wedding planning.

Hair & Make up

Professional and well-handled hair and makeup mean great pictures, smiles, and a boost of confidence for the bride and her bridal party. Quality hair and make-up might not be important on any normal day, but on your big day, it is definitely worth splurging on. This is because you totally deserve to look good and feel good on your wedding day.



Check reviews or ask former customers about their service. If you got them on referral, even better, you can make inquiries from the referee. It is important that the waiters maintain professionalism during your reception. Not all guests might be fun to serve, and it is also important that the wait staff are not rude. Splurging a little on this might be the difference between a fight breaking out at your wedding or not.


It’s a good idea to invest in entertainment for your big day. Creating some extra excitement will make your wedding even more memorable for your guests. Things like photo or gif booths, adult-sized games, dances, or even a dessert bar will go a long way in making your event extra special.

Consider investing in a good disc jockey too for good music. You can never underestimate the power of the right type of music at the right time. Guests will remember the fun and enjoyment your union brought them for a long time to come.


Wedding Favors

Thoughtful and personalized wedding favors can serve as delightful mementos for your guests. While not overly extravagant, splurging on favors that reflect your love story or wedding theme can leave a lasting, positive impression.


One of the best items to splurge on is your honeymoon. After all the stress and planning culminating in the one day you waited for a long time, you deserve time to yourselves. And how best to spend this time than in comfort and luxury hopefully in a secluded location. It could be in a totally different country or somewhere nearby. An island for total relaxation, or a place with hiking trails where you can enjoy nature together. Either way, it would be totally worth it.

Wedding Splurges That Weren’t Worth It

Over-the-Top Floral Arrangements

  • Example: Lavish floral decorations and centerpieces that are extravagant in size and complexity.
  • Why it wasn’t worth it: While beautiful, excessive floral arrangements can consume a significant portion of your budget. They often go unnoticed by guests, and the money spent on them could be allocated to other aspects of your wedding with more impact.

Designer Wedding Dress

  • Example: A high-end, designer wedding gown that exceeds your budget.
  • Why it wasn’t worth it: Designer dresses can be breathtaking, but they come with a premium price tag. In many cases, you’ll only wear the dress once, and there are plenty of elegant, more budget-friendly options available that can be just as stunning.

Luxurious Transportation:

  • Example: Renting luxury cars or a helicopter for the wedding exit.
  • Why it wasn’t worth it: While arriving or departing in style can be appealing, the expense of luxurious transportation can quickly add up. Often, guests are more focused on the ceremony and celebration itself than the mode of arrival or departure.

These examples illustrate that while certain wedding splurges might seem appealing, they may not necessarily enhance the overall experience or lasting memories of your special day. It’s essential to carefully consider your priorities and allocate your budget to elements that will truly make your wedding day memorable and meaningful for you and your guests.

Loosen up those purse strings a little as you consider some of the best wedding splurges to have a good time. Thinking about your budget and ensuring everything aligns can be quite stressful especially when planning a wedding. So, you’re going to want to be able to let loose and spend a bit more on certain things without thinking about your budget. You’re going to want to choose these items carefully and be sure that in all your planning, you have a good time. We hope that our list has been able to help you decide on important splurges on your wedding day. While it is important to plan and stick to your budget, it is also important to enjoy yourselves, and we hope that you will do just that.