10 Wedding Splurges That Are Totally Worth It


Weddings are costing more and more and a typical wedding could end up costing over $20,000. Brides are looking for ways to control their wedding budgets but still, make their dream day a reality. If you are going to splurge on one thing for your wedding and have to choose, go through our list of top things to consider.

1. Сhoose A Theme For Your Wedding

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There are many things you could focus your wedding on to make it one of a kind, but you want to choose something that is reflective of both the bride and the groom. Thus, if newlyweds are united by a common occupation or hobby, this may serve as a key wedding theme. For example, for a groom who is a seaman, the best idea is to make a nautical-style wedding. In this case, a white yacht or a сutter would become the best place for a ceremony.

On the other hand, couples who are attracted to fast speed and drive, or who are video games fans need an absolutely different wedding. You can borrow ideas for your wedding from your favorite books, music, movies, etc.
However, in order to find your wedding theme, try to answer these questions together with your fiance:
  1. How big and pomp would you like your wedding to be?

Define the format of the celebration you would like most; for example, a pomp banquet, a luxurious ball, a buffet dinner, a fun party or a picnic.

  1. Who would you like to invite? 

Think through not only the number of guests but also how close are you with them, do you have something in common?

  1. Whom would you like to be?

You are able to transform yourself into any character you want, from any period of time – to dip into the world of knight tournaments, dangerous pirates, noble meetings or you can peer into the future by holding your wedding in a hi-tech style.

2. Amazing Lighting

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Lighting may be the way to go for one of your wedding splurges. After all, taking pictures in the wrong light could be worse than not taking pictures at all.

When setting up the light, you can confine yourself to one type of illumination, but it is better to combine several types at once. In particular, the most used are such types of lighting:

  •  Floodlight or spotlight. The purpose of floodlighting is to focus on a particular object. For example, guests who are toasting, performing artists, cake presentation, etc.
  • LED lighting. This type of illumination creates a romantic atmosphere. LED illumination, as a rule, is better to install around the perimeter of the hall or building.
  • Gobo projectors. This technology creates drawings on the floor and walls, a variety of stencils allows you to create different light inscriptions, drawings, and monograms.

You may also consider some alternative lighting options:

  • Floating candles in glass cylinder vases with flowers immersed in water. This solution will not cost so much, but looks very stylish and non-trivial!
  • Light garlands. This solution looks especially good when a gala evening is held outdoors.
  • Paper lanterns. It is an original type of lighting, but at the same time very dangerous. Also, you should ask the administration of the restaurant, whether it can be used in their territory.
  • Thematic lamps. Moroccan lamps go especially great with oriental wedding themes or wooden classic lights with rustic weddings.

3. Treating Yourself While Wedding Planning

So many things have changed in wedding planning over the last decade. While Pinterest (Follow us on Pinterest) has been helping brides with wedding inspiration, wedding planning got even more stressful with many woes that did not exist 20 years ago.

You are engaged in the age of all the best bridal swag. Brides often forget to enjoy their engagement due to wedding stress and forget to treat themselves while trying to make everyone else happy.

Many Bridal Subscription Boxes have emerged that treat brides with monthly wedding themed goodies. These boxes are not only a fun surprise every month, but they also contain many items that will be useful during your wedding planning, and possibly you may not have thought of yet.

Likely the best such subscription is Miss To Mrs Bridal Subscription Box. Not only each monthly box has its own theme, but most of their items are far superior in quality because they are designed and made just for Miss To Mrs. Their previous boxes included such awesome items like a floral kimono robe for the wedding day morning, vow books, “Just Married” car decal, full garter set, bridal hairpieces, diamond wipes and many more fun & useful items you can use during and after wedding planning.

4. High-Quality Rentals

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Renting higher quality linens, chairs, and drinkware can be one of your wedding splurges. For example, you could rent floor length table clothes to add a bit of elegance to those pictures. For wedding textiles, you should choose pomp materials. Shimmering fabrics look magical at the weddings. Atlas, satin, organza, lurex  – these fabrics will play with light and each time looks different. Then all the rooms and space will give you and guests an unusual feeling of coziness and celebration.

Another example is the drinkware. The venue usually has some nice drinkware that’s serviceable. You may want to add a bit more elegance by renting stemware for your wedding.

5. Hair & Makeup

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No one wants to add another item to their to-do list, especially on their big day. Make sure you have a professional stylist to do your hair and makeup. As one of your wedding splurges, this will have great after effects. It will boost your confidence and you can be assured your makeup will last for the day and into the night without having to be touched up.

Before booking an expert makeup artist or hair stylist mind the following:

  • look through previous works or portfolio if available;
  • don’t dye or cut down your hair at least one month prior to your wedding and your trial;
  • facials should be done 2-3 weeks prior to your big day to avoid any breakouts from treatments;
  • arrange a trial 2-4 weeks prior to the wedding;
  • ask what brands you makeup artist applies;
  • how do you feel personally when dealing with this particular artist?

6. Professional Wedding Photography

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A phenomenal photographer is one of the greatest wedding splurges of all time. You will have these pictures for the rest of your life, showing them to family and friends along the way. As one of the few tangible things you will have for the rest of your life, this is not an area to tighten the purse strings on.

Thus, in order to get a deal with a proper photographer, here are few things to navigate yourself through:

Portfolio. Ask the photographer to show you not only the portfolio but also their wedding photo shoots (at least 2-3). This will help you see what details the photographer focuses on and whether his style fits you.

Agreement.  You need to conclude an agreement with the photographer with clearly specified points:

  • shooting time.
  • the number of photos that the newlyweds receive (total + processed.)
  • due-time of delivery.

Feedback. A good photographer always has customers who leave good reviews on social networks or is recommended by friends. In the age of the Internet, it’s no problem to find a good one.

7. Entertainment & Fun

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Bringing fun into the wedding splurges may seem a bit strange, but you want your big day to bring smiles to the guests’ lips for years to come, maybe even be the wedding others look up to for suggestions on their big day.

Here we suggest you simple but handy things to cheer up your wedding party:

  • fun ice cream sundae bar for a sweet dessert;
  • a photo booth with props for silly pictures;
  • a photo shoot area;
  • wedding letters, etc.

8. Wedding Invitations & Stationery

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This is one of the best places for your wedding splurges. This sets the tone and scene for your wedding with all your guests.

1. Choosing an invitation card design. Each couple is unique, so they have a wedding in their own way. How does your couple differ from others, what style describes you the best? So, this is exactly the way you should design your wedding invitations. Perhaps you like extreme sports, skiing or parachute jumping – you can make funny themed illustrations. Or maybe, you prefer a quiet life with a touch of romance and think about high values, then you should consider gentle handmade invitations using different decor

2. Filling of the invitations. As a rule, each invitation includes the wedding date, place, time, names of the newlyweds. But here you can write some of your wishes, for example, a reminder for wedding guests to RSVP in a certain way. You can also specify some of your wishes, for example, a dress code, gifts, etc. In the invitation, you can also specify a contact phone so that guests can inform about their delay or need to clarify something

3. Budget and time. Of course, it is very important to know how much you are willing to spend on invitations. If you choose manual invitations, you should understand that the price will be higher than for the ready-made invitations. Here, time is also important, since it is better to order invitations in advance, and if there is no time, then you will have to be happy with what you have. That’s why it’s so important to think about invitations in advance.

You can make invitations yourself, for example, order a layout from the designer, and print it by yourself, this option is more budgetary though. However, you may encounter some difficulties, for example, paper selection, print quality, decor and so on.

9. The Bridal Bouquet

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Flowers are a wedding mainstay and there are good reasons for it. One of your wedding splurges should definitely go into the bride’s bouquet. In order to pick up the best one, follow our three small rules:

1. A bridal bouquet should complement her dress, and not compete with it. A luxurious, richly-decorated dress requires simple and solitary accessories, no-frills here. Conversely, a neat dress can naturally be combined with even an extravagant bouquet decorated with crystals and silk ribbons.

2. Carefully choose the shape of the bouquet. Ask the florist to tell you about various forms and types of wedding bouquets. There are many of them – round, cascading, semi-spheric, hand-tied or posy, etc. By analyzing your preferences in style, a professional will always help you choose the shape of a bouquet that ideally suits you.

3. Mind the decor of the bouquet holder. After all, this is another opportunity to express the style of your wedding day. In particular, single-stem bouquets are really demanded among brides. Often, the florists tie them tightly with ribbons or cloth that matches the color scheme of the entire wedding color pattern. Be careful, make sure that the holder does not look too long or disproportionate. It always catches your eye, spoils the big picture and looks mean on the photo.

10. A Wedding Planner

You may have been planning your wedding for years, saving pictures and snippets in a scrapbook and on Pinterest, but hiring a professional wedding planner is one of the ultimate wedding splurges. There are quite a few tiny details that need to be taken care of. Coordinating vendors such as your photographer and caterer are just a couple. Planning the seating chart is one. As a plus to hiring a professional, you get the bonus of being able to use their network. This may bring you savings in places you couldn’t have accessed without them.

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Since there are so many areas one could splurge on for a wedding, this article discusses ten areas wedding splurges are totally worth it!