A bridal shower is an opportunity to have a rest and have fun before the most important day in the life of each  bride. The bridesmaids give small presents to the bride at this day or night. Much more creative and interesting gifts are DIY ones. This article presents a variety of bridal shower favors like tea and coffee, champagne, candies and honey, candles and many others to help making the right choice for any bridesmaides.

Photo 1-3: The Best DIY Gifts

Source: fancypantsstore via InstagramWoodland Fields PhotographyArtistry by Adele

Photo 4-6: Bridal Shower Favors – Tea And Coffee Theme

Source: maceyjforonda via InstagramNorth Photography, Jen Carreiro

Photo 7-9: Botles Of Champagne As A Present

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Photo 10-12: Sweet Gifts Of Honey And Candies

Source: Stephanie Dawn PhotographycraftsunleashedEric Kelley Photography,

Photo 13-15: Candles For Romantic Future Night As A Present

Source: bridalgift.gallery via Instagramwineandsprinkles via InstagramNato Welton

Photo 16-18: Gifts To Make Some Fun

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Photo 19-21: Inexpensive Bridal Shower Favors

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Photo 22-24: Creative Gifts For Bridal Shower

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Photo 25-27: Something Interesting In Pouches As Bridal Shower Gift

Source: Haley Sheffield4lovepolkadots via Instagram, candycakeweddings via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Some Ideas Of Bridal Shower Favors In Jars

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