2. Choosing Watermarked Photo Images

The idea of watermarked photos isn’t necessarily a bad one. It will certainly save you some money. However, there are packages that offer high resolution options with both unmarked photos and marked photos. Couples should consider this option because it makes it easier to see the true images and share them as well. If opting for watermarked photos, look for photographers that have tastefully integrated the watermark or logo that does compromise the images by the addition.

If you plan to submit your photos to wedding blogs to be published, keep in mind that most blogs prefer un-watermarked wedding photos. At the end, you are doing this only once and there are no re-takes, so chose carefully.

3. Ceremony Food

Many couples spend moments following the wedding taking photos while guests are left to wait for the reception to start. It’s a good idea to offer snacks during cocktail hour to prevent guests from over indulging on the alcohol on an empty stomach. Cocktail snacks don’t have to be elaborate if the food budget is small. Offering a simple fruit and cheese station with crackers will be a great accommodation.


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