The most funny and unplanned situations and photos are obtained during the wedding party. The newlyweds and all the guests are already relaxed and moved on to the most fun wedding stage, when you can drink, eat, dance and play for your pleasure. Wedding party pictures are so unusual and unexpected. These photos show people the way they are – liberated, emotional, cheerful and sincere.

Photo 1-3: Creative Wedding Party Pictures

Source: It’s Beautiful Here via InstagramLas FotografasDavid Eric Photography

Photo 4-6: Incendiary Dance Floors

Source:  Atelier KIryjakMike Semple PhotographyElin Bandmann Photography

Photo 7-9: Everybody Wants To Play The Games

Source: Hip To HeartCamera HannahAnthony Arcinas Photo

Photo 10-12: Bride Throws The Bouquet

Source: Alicia Nacenta PhotographyPablo Macaro, Martinmuriel

Photo 13-15: Sweet Time – Newlyweds Cut The Wedding Cake

Source: Cariosan PhotographyAndrea & Natalia PhotographyMelissa Marshall

Photo 16-18: Photos From A Wedding Table

Source: Anouk FotografeertNigel Edgecombe PhotoDanelle Bohane

Photo 19-21: Photos Of Children At The Wedding Party

Source: True PhotographyVratislav JenšíkAndy Turner Photography

Photo 22-24: Awesome Photos Of Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

Source: Gabriele LatrofaKen Pak PhotographyEl Marco Rojo Fotografía

Photo 25-27: Funny Wedding Pictures From Party

Source: Sergio Placidofrantova via InstagramMatt Pangman

Photo 28-30: Sparkles Lights On A Wedding Day

Source: Uhov Filming CompanyBenj HaischRadu Benjamin