Weddings are costing more and more and a typical wedding could end up costing over $20,000. Brides are looking for ways to control their wedding budgets, but still make their dream day a reality. If you are going to spluge on one thing for your wedding and have to choose, go through our list of top things to consider.

1. Decide What’s Unique About You

The first decision is what are you both into. This is the first place to look for your wedding splurges. If you’re music lovers, hire a great band the two of you will enjoy. Perhaps, you are both foodies. Enjoy the day with a world renowned chef. Then again, you may want a traditional wedding with a romantic flair. There are many things you could focus your wedding on to make it one of a kind, but you want to choose something that is reflective of both the bride and the groom.


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